16 rebrand

Kicking off 2017 in a new design studio in Newburn, the business has grown and expanded it’s offering and client base.

David Chapman established the business in 2005 and has decided to create a new brand in line with the growing company.

“We focus on design and innovation, and it seemed fitting that with the new year and new office we create a new brand in order to streamline and refine our offering.” David commented.

16 works with a range of clients including Nudo Sushi Box, Tynemouth Coffee and NRG PLC to create beautifully designed bespoke websites and digital marketing solutions.

“The new name came about because the idea was conceived in 2016 and my daughter’s birthday is on the 16th. So it’s a bit of a lucky number for me.”

The business is focused on providing high quality, affordable designs that have subsequently featured on national television and publications around the world.

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