5 Things to add to your website checklist

Once your website is up and running the work does not stop there. To make sure everything is going smoothly, you need to keep track of your website’s performance. After all the hard work and invested time in your project, it is worth to create a basic maintenance checklist and review it regularly. In this post, we are going to point out to five most important things to keep an eye on.

Overall review and test on the website

It could take a bit of time to review all the pages of your website, but it is worth the effort. Some of the most important aspects to pay attention to include: Overall User Experience, Load time, Errors, Missing Content, Typos, Compliance with standards, etc. These things could be easily fixed, and would it make a huge difference if you get them right.

Contact Forms and Checkout

Enquiry forms or Checkout issues would be some of the worst things that could go unnoticed, as they would cost you potential clients and revenue. Make sure you test that functionality every couple of months, especially after any updates and changes on the website.

Renew Domain Name

An essential aspect from your checklist should be to renew the domain name. Make sure you have your login details handy and safe to avoid negative outcomes. If you fail to renew your domain name on time, this could lead to losing access to your website and email addresses. You could schedule an annual reminder ahead of the renewal date and sort things out on time.

Check Contact Details

Running your own business is not easy and you could easily forget important things, for example, to update the contact details on your website. It would be a good idea to add that to your checklist and review annually or when necessary. At the end of the day, if your clients go to the wrong address or can’t call you at all, that could harm your business.

Update Legal Disclaimers

An annual check and review on your Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Terms of Sale and Disclaimers could save you a lot of troubles and time later.


There are many things you could review and improve regularly on your website. However, the five points above would give you a good starting point for your site checklist. Also, we would love to help you with your websites as we’ve recently done for Waltons Marquee Hire. We have created a bespoke list for them and made sure it is executed correctly. Contact us for a friendly consultation and advice on your website!

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