7 Website Mistakes to Avoid

In most cases, companies have the first interaction with their potential customers through their website. This means that that businesses need to make sure their website leaves a good impression on visitors. Here are a few tips that should point out to the mistakes and things to avoid when designing and building a website.

Slow loading website

An average visitor leaves a website that takes over 3-5 seconds to load. This means that some of them leave it even sooner. For this reason, I’d recommend a website that loads in up to 3 seconds – this way, website owners can make sure the visitors do not leave the website soon after the land on it.

Unclear message

The main message you want your website to covey is what you do and how you can help your customers. If the website fails to convey this message and tell your visitors what your company does, this won’t help you make a good first impression on your visitors.

Content heavy website

Many companies fall into this trap – they have been in business for years, offer a number of services, help many companies from different sectors and industries and they want to explain that. But they fail to realise that too much information might confuse readers. Instead, they should be focusing on 1-2 most important points per section or page and explain the core services in a concise way, adding bullet points to make the rest of content clear and visually structured.

Not having an SSL

Depending on the industry and the services a company offers, and SSL might be useful, helpful or in some cases, it is a must. Businesses that work with confidential information shared by the users (credit card details, passwords or any kind of login details) simply must have an SSL. This will help them ensure a secure connection and reduce the chances of being hacked, risking all the confidential information shared by their users.

Missing SEO

An SEO optimized website is the one following certain rules that enable them to reach a high position in search engines’ results. SEO rules involve certain website elements such as H1s, meta titles/descriptions, keyword usage, targeting and density, etc..Here is an interesting post on useful website SEO optimisation tips.


Having a responsive website used to be an option rather than a necessity a few years ago. But it has recently become a must, given that the amount of mobile traffic is constantly growing. When we built a website for Connect Insolvency, insolvency practitioners from Newcastle, it was not originally responsive. However, a while ago, we made it responsive, which increase their overall website traffic by 30%.

No calls to action

Calls to action are an important element of a website because they guide the visitors through the website pointing them to the most important and relevant pages of it. Not having calls to action or having poor calls to action is also one of the most common website mistakes. Luckily, this can be easily corrected and if you are not sure how – we’d be happy to help 🙂 !

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