When is animation appropriate in web design?

Animation has become increasingly present within web design, offering another source of interest and entertainment for users visiting your website. Animation poses many benefits, however, it is essential it is used relative to your target audience in order to be successful. Weighing up the benefits for your own business is a recommended step when designing your website.

Retain Interest:
Interactivity is definitely beneficial in keeping an audience interested in your content. Scrolling through static pages can often be repetitive. Animation provides another element to entertain, inform or persuade an audience rather than relying on text or images. Depending on your competitors, it could also be a useful factor in standing out from them and gaining more interest from your target audience. Additionally, animation can increase audience retention rate. The longer you keep your users on your site, the more your SEO will improve. According to Designrfix, you have 0.5 seconds to interest your target audience and encourage click-throughs, animation can definitely help you achieve this.

As stated previously, animation can be a beneficial tool for standing out from competitors. Making your web design stand out with animation can lead to your brand becoming more memorable to your audience. Customisation can also allow you to communicate your brand values and identity to your audience effectively.

If your business relies on directing your customer to the right place on the website, possibly a newsletter sign up, or a contact form, animation can provide effective directional cues. Animation can ultimately improve UX and UI design by making it easier for the user to navigate and use a website. With easier navigation comes increased user engagement and improved conversion rates.

When to avoid animation in web design?
Animation is increasingly becoming a major trend within web design. It is difficult to not get caught up in recent design trends, however, in some cases, animation can be hinder your website rather than benefit it. Animation often brings with it a certain tone for your website that does not fit with the ethos of many businesses. Instead, static web design can be more beneficial in appealing to the right target audience. Chase Park, for example, have opted for static web design, reflective of their brand values of relaxation and care. An animated design would be overpowering and undermine their philosophy of a tranquil and calming environment. Defining a professional tone with static web design is more appropriate in relating to their target audience.

Final Thoughts:
Animation will improve user experience and ultimately, improve relationships between consumers and companies. However, this is dependent on your target audience and the nature of your business. Millennials respond well to animation and interactivity, an older crowd, however, would perhaps prefer a more formal approach to web design.

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