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Colour Schemes and Why They Matter

Having a set colour scheme for your business to use both online and offline is crucial when you’re thinking about how to attract and become recognised by customers. When it comes to creating a brand, it’s vital to choose colours that help to explain what it’s all about. But why do colour schemes matter so much and how can you use them correctly?

Here’s a few reasons why choosing a colour scheme is vital:

It helps to evoke emotion

Consider what clients should feel when they discover your brand. Do you want them to be happy? Excited? Calm? Whatever the case, it’s important that your business communicates the correct emotions.

It’s best to use a bright colour scheme if your goal is to create an exciting feel. Whereas, if you want your customers to feel calm and reassured, try a neutral one. By using the right colour palette, you’ll create the correct first impression and receive the right reactions.

It helps to communicate your brand’s messaging

It’s vital to communicate your business’ messaging properly, which should correlate with the colours you’ve chosen. In short, they should align with exactly what your brand is about.

Ask yourself: does your business thrive on presenting itself as serious and professional, or does it express a more tranquil feel? Whatever messaging you’re trying to convey through the colours you use, you should always provide your clients with exactly what they expect.

It can help to attract your target audience

Your target audience should be at the forefront of every decision you make, whether it’s about colour schemes or not. However, using the correct colours is crucial in making sure that you’re presenting your business in the right way. For example, office space Gateshead, which provides offices and meeting rooms have used a black, orange, grey and white colour scheme to attract a professional audience.

It enables consistency

Once you’ve chosen a colour scheme, use it consistently on your website and socials. Don’t forget, it should also be included in physical branding. For instance, these serviced offices use the same set few colours across their website, in their offices and meeting space.

By being consistent, you have given clients a few colours to associate your business with, which means that when those colours spring to mind, they might just think of your brand!

Why physical branding is just as important as online

Maintaining a set colour scheme for your brand, both online and offline, helps with consistency. It also enables you to attract more of an audience than if you only used one medium for promoting your business.

Ideally, there should be both a mix of online and offline branding. If you’re wanting to measure which one’s the most effective, it might be a good idea to write a survey, asking the audience how they found your brand, which will help you focus your marketing efforts.

Having set colours and using those particular shades throughout the branding will set you apart from the competition and level up.

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