How to Build Your Online Portfolio

You’ve built your business up from nothing, you’ve been getting by with the jobs you’ve been getting and you’ve managed to land yourself a meeting with a potentially huge deal on the line. You have a basic website but it’s nothing fancy, and you’ve just realised you don’t have anything to show for all of the hard work you’ve put in to your business. This is where an online portfolio or gallery page comes in.

Your portfolio and body of work will be the main thing that makes that ever so important lasting impression on a potential client, so it’s absolutely vital that you showcase your work impeccably.


     1. Separate your work into categories

Just like how it’s difficult for our brain to keep concentrated on one large mass of text, it’s a similar story for photography. Eventually it all just blurs into one large image for the potential client, so make it easier for them. Separate your work into categories of your own choosing to make the page easier to digest and a lot more palatable.


     2. Take professional quality photographs

Photography makes or breaks a website. Just like how it’s hard to have a stunning website with weak photography, it will be hard to make a stunning portfolio without professional quality photographs. This isn’t to say that you have to pay someone to take your photographs for you, but it’s definitely worth invest a little bit of time into to making sure everyone sees exactly what you see. Click here for some more tips and tricks to get your photography perfect.


   3. Make it cohesive

This goes hand in hand with brand personality. In a perfect world, people would be able to instantly recognise that your work is your work. One way of doing that is making sure that your photographs are seamless and have a certain similarity. Whether that be in composition, colour or style, it’s important to make your work look unified.

So you’ve built your designated portfolio page. It’s professional, it’s sleek and best of all, it’s you. But it doesn’t necessarily have to end there. No matter what business you are, it may be a good idea to brainstorm how you can show off your work beyond your designated portfolio page. For example, Studio One Design also includes a sliding gallery on the home page. This may not seem like much, but by even adding just one extra place on your website to showcase your work, you’ll be increasing your chance of converting your website traffic into actual sales.

Here at 16, we can help with making sure your website and its portfolio is something to be proud of and admire. We specialise in creating beautiful websites so you can keep doing what you love; growing your business.

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