How To Choose The Right Imagery For Your Website

No matter what the nuances of the digital marketing approach your team decides to go with are, it’s a given that utilising carefully selected and high-quality imagery to decorate your business’s digital presence will be a vital step in the process.

It can be difficult to know where to begin when navigating this aspect of creative and digital design, especially for companies who are new to the whole idea of successful web-based advertisement. If you feel stuck at this important hurdle of building and curating a website for your business, stick around as we delve into the key ways to make sure you are choosing the right professional imagery online. 

Prioritise Cohesive Branding

The imagery used on your brand’s website must be meticulously curated in order to make sense within the context of any given page. A super helpful general guideline to follow pertains to the idea of observing the overall “feel” of your business’s public persona, and only utilising imagery that aligns well with the pre-established branding that is already in place. It’s important to choose images that tell the “story” of your company in a way that holistically optmises the aesthetic of the website.

Know Your Audience 

It’s difficult to design an effective and impactful website for your brand if your team has no idea who they are curating their online space for, or which demographic they are catering to. Analysing and taking stock of your clientele’s data in order to select imagery that is relevant to their needs is definitely recommended, in conjunction with observing your competitors and taking note of what is and isn’t working for them.

Feature High-Quality Imagery 

The importance of including high-quality imagery across your brand’s online presence can not be stressed enough. Not only does it optimize your business’s general reputation by elevating the perception of the services on offer through the lens of the consumer, it is also incredibly attractive to various search engine results. Producing and posting high-quality imagery is a massive part of achieving maximised SEO, which is one of the main ways to achieve long-lasting brand exposure within the digital age.

Display Real People

Numerous studies have shown that audiences respond much more enthusiastically to imagery of people that they can truly relate to. Stock photos, or images that are overly posed and falsified, are not generally attractive to website users who are usually looking to find content that they can see themselves in. Making the effort to take your own photos and curate an online space that is utterly unique to your brand is a great way to stay one step ahead of the competition, while providing an aesthetic that customers actually want to see. 

In Conclusion 

All in all, it’s plain to see that there are various extensive reasons as to why the inclusion of high-quality imagery within a website must be prioritsed by brands and business owners alike. From finding common ground with potential clientele to optimising your company’s overall SEO, there are very few aspects of web design in which high-quality imagery does not play a key role.

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