The Importance of Videos on your Website

Video is one of the most important tools for successful digital marketing as viewers are consuming more video content than ever before. It doesn’t seem to be a trend that’s slowing down soon either.


Having a video on your homepage like Nutshell Apps really helps you get your point across in a more fun and consumable way.


With the likes of YouTube receiving a billion visits per month and Facebook having a viewing audience of 1.2 billion per month, it makes sense to incorporate videos on your website. More people are taking the time to watch videos and content is moving from text to visual content at an accelerating speed.


Below are some of the reasons why using videos on your website is important.


How we now consume content

Attention spans whilst browsing on the internet are short therefore videos allow visitors to consume more of your content in a quicker time. Nutshell Apps have a fantastic video on their homepage that allows the viewer to fully understand their business quickly.


As stated above, this is not just a passing trend, but rather a one that is accelerating at great speed. Over 500 million hours are watched on YouTube every day, therefore the consumer is accustomed to watching videos.


Great website experience

Over the year’s websites have changed their customer’s experience and have since moved on from static brochure sites. Many successful businesses are using their website to create compelling experiences and experimenting with increasing the connection between loyal customers and the site.


No matter what the company’s vision is, it can easily be translated via video. A video can demonstrate what their mission is, what they offer and customer reviews. A video is a great way to tell a story.


Marketing Strategies

There are several marketing strategies that can be used by having a video on your website. Some are listed below.


The main reason a video is great for SEO on your website is that it keeps your visitor on the site for longer. This can allow the visitor to become interested in other things on your page too. A key factor to increasing page rankings on Google is how long a visitor stays on your page. The longer they are on the more important Google thinks your page is. Sites with videos are 60% more likely to keep visitors on the page than just text.


Another great marketing strategy is sharing videos easily. You can share a video on all of your business’s social media and via email. You are driving people to your website and viewing your content.


Businesses selling products are now using videos to showcase these products. Studies show that 72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by video! Videos give you the opportunity to show your product off in a short amount of time and will likely make the audience stick around to learn more.


Finally, having a video on your website will help reach new visitors and create lasting impressions. It provides material to the normal static content, therefore, provides a compelling experience for the consumer.

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