Incorporating Brand Personality in your Web Design

Template web design can often hinder your ability to inject your brand personality into your web design. Bespoke web design is an effective solution to injecting your website with your brand values and ethos with the use of design. By foregrounding your brand identity within your web design, you can immediately differentiate your company from competitors. In fact, Matthew Beasley comments that generic web design can hinder your online performance as websites are looking increasingly similar. As 75% of users judging a company based on their web design, it is worth including customised elements. Here are our tips on how to incorporate your brand personality within your web design:

Custom Icons
Custom logos are a great example of how you can incorporate your brand identity into web elements that may otherwise be mundane. This can quickly define details of your product or service in a more interesting and compelling way that will encourage them to read the accompanying text. Unique icons will stand out on your webpage and can effectively relate to your brand to increase brand recognition and consistency. Customising elements such as social media buttons can also make your website more interesting, rather than relying on the usual buttons found on most websites.

Banana Bus is an excellent example of incorporating brand personality throughout web design. Custom icons are used to differentiate between their services and include the banana symbol, an integral part of their logo and branding. These fun alternatives to generic icons are effective in attracting their target audience of children and families. It is also a subtle way to incorporate their brand values of fun and playfulness. Each element of their website has been designed with the Banana Bus identity in mind. Social media icons even use the brand colours of yellow and green to align with the ‘jungle’ theme and are an ideal way to increase a sense of individuality.

Own Photography
It can be quite convenient to rely on stock imagery. However, to demonstrate your brand’s unique values it is worth taking the time to produce your own photography. Including a gallery of images provides an opportunity to showcase your brand and give your audience a more personable insight into your business.

A Blog
A blog or latest news section is an important marketing strategy to support your brand personality. By writing consistent blog posts you can effectively provide your audience with news relating to your business, expert advice and an opportunity to communicate with customers. A blog feed on your website is a good technique to give your company point of view on subjects relevant to your industry and gives your business a voice. This more human approach to marketing is effective in injecting some personality into a website that might otherwise just be a platform for relaying information regarding your products or services. A blog offers an opportunity to be more conversational, informal (depending on the nature of your service) and includes your brand’s idiosyncrasies

About Us:
The importance of an about us page is sometimes undermined in web design, especially with companies that are product and sales driven. However, providing important background information and the history of your company can serve to make your company more relatable and more human. Introductions to your team can be that extra step to incorporating brand personality within your web page.

Your logo should play a big role in the design of your website. By having elements relating to your logo in your web design, you can increase brand recognition and familiarity. A good technique to incorporate your branding is to take elements from your logo and repurpose them within your web design. This may include using your icon as a bullet point or as an influence on background shapes and using the same colour as your logo throughout. In fact, according to the Marketing Blog, colour has the ability to increase brand awareness and recognition by 80%.

Final Thoughts:
With the rapid expansion of the marketplace, it is becoming more and more difficult to appear as a unique brand in comparison to competitors. One method of offering a value proposition for your customers is to foreground your brand identity in all aspects of your business, including web design. Humanising your brand by incorporating your brand personality in web design will have a positive impact on your conversion rates.

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