Incorporating Illustration in Web Design

Incorporating illustrations in your web design is an effective technique to achieve a more unique design and avoid the generic and repetitive nature of template websites. Bespoke illustrations are an alternative method of communication with your audience and can make your website more personable and interesting. Overall, illustrations can help improve UX and encourage your audience to convert.

It is a well-known fact that users prefer visual over written content. In fact, according to Brain Rules, users will retain 10% of heard information three days later in comparison to 65% of visual information for the same length of time. With visual content offering many benefits for business, we discuss the advantages of including illustration within your web design.

Direct Attention
An illustration can be an effective method of engaging your audience and directing their attention towards important aspects of your business. Rather than your web design appearing monotonous and uninteresting, illustration can offer your audience something different. It might be a good idea to use illustration in a way that directs or navigates your audience towards your call to action in order to increase conversions.

Illustrations offer an efficient method of communicating complex ideas conveniently. Adding clarity to aspects of your business through imagery can make aspects of your business seem less overwhelming. It is also preferable to break down information into illustrative elements rather than providing users with large sections of text. The more confident, comfortable and better understanding your audience has, the more likely they are to convert.

To further support a more convenient experience, illustrative elements could become functional in order to improve your UI. Characters or mascots could also increase user-friendliness. Using this illustrative feature can support user confidence and encourage them to follow your call to action.

Express Creativity
Ultimately, illustrative aspects are an opportunity to express creativity and inject brand personality into your web design. It allows you to be more in control of your online presence by not having to rely on stock imagery and icons. Illustration creates a more unique and memorable experience for your audience and could even be an opportunity for humour if this is appropriate to your subject matter.

In the past, illustrations have become iconic elements of brands and helped to increase brand awareness. Go Daddy is living proof of how an illustration can be the defining aspect of a brand. The company has recently undergone a logo change which has created some controversy with many designers commenting that it demonstrates a lack of originality. Web Designer Depot goes as far as to say the brand now lacks personality as it has chosen to use a simple sans-serif font with no icon.

How to use an illustration
There are several ways your business can incorporate illustrations within their web design and improve overall UX. Illustrations in the hero can be a cheaper alternative to producing your own high-quality photographs or relying on stock imagery which can be dull and repetitive. Imagery allows your company to inject their personality into web design and can be used for aspects such as icons, instructions, differentiating between products and services and navigation. Mad Communications use custom hand-drawn icons to represent their creative process. As a PR agency that provides copywriting and marketing services these illustrations relate to their values of creativity and originality.

Although illustrations can increase a sense of creativity surrounding your brand, it is important that you follow some small rules. Illustrations should align with your brand values and should stick to a theme throughout your web design. With no clear theme, your web design will look chaotic and will not reflect well on your brand identity.

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