“Meet the Team” pages

If you walked into a shop, and there was no one there to assist you with your purchases, the service would feel abnormal.

Like an eery glimpse into the future when everything is controlled by robots. Creepy.

Customers expect to be treated like a real person, they don’t want to feel like just another number on the sales chart. And for this reason, it’s more important now than ever to personalise customer interactions at any point of the sales cycle.

This applies to websites too. One of the easiest ways to personalise your website in this manner is through adding a “Meet the Team” page.

Websites that have a “Meet the Team” page say it is one of their most visited pages on their website. Without one, you are potentially missing out on acquiring new business.

But why do I need this?

Humans like a familiar face

Generally speaking, people are really interested in the people that make up your business. A meet the team page allows users to put a face to a name. People appreciate a familiar face, especially in the services industry.

Users can learn about the main players in your business, what role they play in the service they are delivering you, and a little bit about them. It helps instil trust and make them like you just that little bit more.

It puts us at ease if we know who is potentially showing up at our doors to carry out a service.

This “Meet the Team” page gives an insight into the service providers personal life, as well as professional life. We feel like we already know a bit about them, making us more comfortable and likely to carry out business with them.

A lack of a “Meet the team” page can reduce the reliability of your brand, turning visitors away to a website where they can paint a picture of the sort of service they will receive.

In the same way we like to find out a bit more about people we meet in our personal lives, it’s the same in business too. It helps convince people of your credibility.

Of course a strong product or service is fundamental to your brand, but as Jeffrey Gitomer, a sales trainer and author, once said, “People like to do business with people they like.”

Show off your talents

When we choose a service, we want it to be carried out by someone who is experienced and talented. This is a vital part of a marketing strategy, being able to show to website visitors why your company will be able to take care of them.

A “Meet the Team” page highlights individual talents and skills in a stimulating way to the user. It is an effective way to prove that your business is made up of skilled professionals, making consumers trust your service more.

It’s great to put a face to the name!

Helps make your brand memorable

The benefits of “Meet the Team” pages all help contribute to one, ultimate goal: growing and making your brand recognisable.

A strong brand distinguishes you from your competition, so making a strong brand image is key.

These website pages can help contribute because is shows a personable side to your service, instils credibility and trust, and demonstrates talent and experience.

This makes a brand memorable to both existing customers and potential ones, too. It gives your brand a personality which consumers can then engage with.

Most of all, a “Meet the Team” page establishes that your company actually…exists. Making descriptions fun, adding social media links and using photos are great ways to create a stand out page.

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