Newsletters: Why they shouldn’t be old news

We all know the difference between a good newsletter and a bad newsletter. The bad ones – we usually scroll to the bottom of the email and hit that “unsubscribe” button faster than Usain Bolt.

Good newsletters? Well, they’re the ones we actually enjoy reading, find relevant to us and probably eventually end up purchasing something from the organisation.

Newsletters are a great marketing channel that every business should utilise – American studies have shown that email marketing can produce a 40x return for every dollar invested!

Email marketing has been a great way to communicate with audiences directly, however newsletters provide a more relevant and interesting way to engage customers!

What is a newsletter?

A newsletter is a publication that are regularly distributed to subscribers or customers via email. Some companies may also send out newsletters via print, but for this blog, we will focus on the digital print.

Note: Most of the benefits with digital newsletters also apply to physical newsletters

Newsletters can be used for 2 main purposes: to communicate with customers about ideas, articles or general information, or to advertise.

Great way to connect with customers

Staying connected with customers is a great way to increase customer loyalty and retention. In contrast to other channels such as social media, a newsletter feels more personalised.

Newsletters than contain great content keeps your audience engaged with your business.

Plus, they’re an easy source of communication. It strengthens the level of communication you have with your audience, and in turn, you stay in their mind for longer.

Builds credibility and a relationship

By openly communicating with your customers and wider audience, it builds credibility for your business.

It shows your business is knowledgeable, and by communicating regularly with customers, it shows you care about maintaining that relationship with them.

It also allows you to manage your reputation, taking advantage of your existing customer base and the reputation already built.

Increase website traffic

Newsletters are a great tool to use to attract customers to your website, which will eventually lead to increased website traffic.

By providing fresh and interesting content, blended with some subtle advertising, this will encourage and incentivise your audience to visit your site and browse through what you have to offer.

Increase sales

Newsletters can be a great advertising tool, as well as just providing good content which keeps your audience engaged.

Newsletters provide a really easy and effective way to quickly market your product and service to your customer, and the benefits of choosing you over competition.

As we are also fairly impulsive beings, a coupon code or incentive is a good way to lure us in too. We’ve all been the victim of a good bargain!

It means you can control the action your audience may take.

Measure how you are performing

Newsletters are a marketing tool which can easily be reviewed and modified to ensure they are as effective as they can possibly can.

You can monitor how many people the newsletter hit, how many people unsubscribe and how many emails are actually opened.

This allows you to them tailor the content to what your audience WANTS.

Good for the environment

We all want to do a part to help Mother Earth as much as we can, and digital marketing is a great way businesses can stay socially responsible.

It’s also a low-cost alternative for businesses. So saving the planet, and saving your pocket. Can’t complain with that.

Here at Sleeky, we can help with any of your website queries, including newsletters.

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