How do people view websites?

Eye tracking technology is particularly useful in showing us how websites are viewed, and how people take in information.

Here are a few interesting facts to bear in mind when it comes to your website…

People read in F patterns
Eye tracking studies show that people skim over web content in an F pattern, and that only around 28% of the text is read. This is why you should have a horizontal or left aligned menu.

The top left corner gets people’s attention first
This is why most logos are top left. When someone lands on your website, their eye is drawn to the top left corner and then moves out from there. Make sure your value proposition is in the top left corner!

A bigger introductory paragraph grabs people’s attention
Make the first sentence count by putting key information in it and make it bigger than the rest of the article text or bold. In experiments where the first paragraph was in bold typeface 90% of people read all or part of it.

Keep paragraphs short and in a single column
As this is how people are used to reading information. Also studies show that the more links you include, the more clicks you’ll get so include plenty!

People won’t look past the first 2 or 3 Google results
Of course there are exceptions but an eye tracking study by Google found that most people find what they’re looking for in the first two search results and don’t feel the need to scroll any further. Make sure your website is optimised and if you need a little help remember we offer SEO services!

Put your most important info above the fold
Web users do know how to scroll and they will, but it’s still important to put your most important info above the fold so it’s the first thing they see when they visit your website.

Scrolling is better than separating info onto different pages as it provides better usability. Studies show that the bottom of the webpage also gets a lot of attention, so it’s worth including a call to action there.

Bear these points in mind and your website will be sure to improve, and if you want to discuss the many other ways of making your website user friendly get in touch!

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