It all starts with an email or phone call from you to us, where we will find out your requirements. After that...

1. Brief

Once we've discussed your requirements and you're happy to go ahead we get you to fill in a short project brief. This and our initial meeting should be enough for us to get started on your concept. At this point we ask for a 50% deposit to cover the cups of tea we consume while working on your project, with the remaining balance paid on completion.

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2. Concept

Once we have a good grasp of what you're all about and what you're trying to achieve we will begin work on your concept. This visual representation of your site will show you what the homepage will look like, and the style that the rest of the site will follow. Page structure and layout, calls to action and special features will all come together to show you how it's going to look, feel and work.

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3. Demo

Now that we know how your website is going to look, it's time for our expert developers to take the concept and turn it into a living, breathing website. We will continue to limit work to just the homepage until the demo is approved. At this stage we will ask you to test the website on mobile devices, with the responsive version a resized form of the approved concept.

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4. Development

Once the demo is approved, we'll continue to develop the rest of the site. We'll add agreed features such as dynamic rollovers so people know where to click, scrolling galleries highlighting your best work, content management so you can regularly update content and much more besides. We'll keep you regularly updated of our progress, sharing links so you can see the development site for yourself.

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5. Review

Once development is complete we will send the site to you for review. We will give you full training on any software so you can easily make small text and image tweaks yourself in future. Once you're happy with how things work it's time to release new site out into the big bad world! Don't worry, it'll be search engine friendly and submitted to Google.