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The Benefits Of A Strong Brand

Ever since the idea of marketing was born, a strong brand has always been at the forefront of what is important in the big wide world of business and marketing.

What Is Branding?

The earliest form of branding can be found all the way back in 2000 BC, when it was used to purely depict ownership (it’s important not to lose your cows!). From then on, branding has certainly evolved (nowadays your brand has to help you carve your name into your niche, as well as making it obvious that your product belongs to you), however the idea has always stayed the same.

At its core, branding is the act of creating a unique name or image (or more likely a combination of both!) for a product – whether the product is a car or a bag or a quirky distilled spirit.

So, now that you know the definition of branding, it’s important to know why it’s important – and here are what we think are the top reasons!:

It Increases Brand Recognition

Brand recognition goes a lot deeper than you think. I would be absolutely shocked if you could find a walking and talking human in a developed country that didn’t immediately know who the logo of the apple belongs to, or the logo of the tick.

All it takes is a quick glance at a simple icon – there is no need for any text or description to clutter up the design.

But why is this a bonus?

If your target audience knows exactly what your brand is, they know that they can instantly trust your brand, which brings us to our next point…

It Can Help Improve Customer Loyalty

It’s hard enough building your customer base – so why make it hard on yourself and have to do this for essentially every product?

If your branding is strong and your customers can instantly recognise it, you automatically have your existing customer base to sell to. If your customers have trust in your brand – they’ll have trust in your products!

It Can Help Make Your Advertising Much More Effective

Along the same lines as the above point, it’s much easier to advertise a product when you don’t have to spend the majority of the time explaining who you are.

Take Apple with their iPhone adverts, because all they need to do is say they’re iPhone and show the Apple logo the once, they can create fun and engaging content that sticks in your mind. And the more interesting it is, the more likely the product is to stick – creating a positive cycle!

It Helps To Engage Staff And Make Sure They’re Proud Of Who They Work For

Trust us, it’s important that your staff are happy within your business. If your staff are happy – they’ll be more productive and much more engaged.

There are the obvious benefits to having happy staff, such as providing better customer service, but did you also know that companies that have more engaged staff are 21% more profitable and that they have a 41% lower absentee rate? There’s really no excuse!

It will also just make an overall much nicer environment to work in!

It Gets People Talking In A Positive Way

If a customer likes your brand and what you stand for – there’s a chance that they’ll just naturally want to talk about it! And people talking about you not only gets you brand recognition, but also those ever-important leads/sales!

When you look at the cold hard facts, the truth is that 75% of people don’t trust paid advertisements, whereas people are 90% more likely to trust a recommendation from a friend.

So as you can see – having a strong brand and getting your business talked about (for good reasons of course) is a no-brainer!

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