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The Fundamentals of Website Layout

The aim of your website, especially the homepage, is to display information about your business or whatever to a visitor. A poor website layout can lead to disinterest and confusion for first-time visitors, the more time spent working out how to use your site, the less time they actually spend absorbing your content.

A good website layout design will outline the important aspects of your site and help to obtain a good balance between nice aesthetic and informative content. After-all, users tend to click off pages with unclear value after about 10-20 seconds! Although a website layout may not prevent this from happening, it would certainly help to display your attractive content in a way that engages a user and reduces bounce rate. Read on as we discuss the importance of a solid website layout, you may even find a few tips and tricks to try yourself!

The Goal of Website Layouts

The layout of your website needs to be built with your content in mind. This is because the main goal for a layout is to deliver your content effectively, whatever that content may be. For example, if you’re content is largely animations or videos, its pointless trying to squeeze them into a text-dominated layout as it will end up looking messy. Understanding your content vision and tailoring a layout for it beforehand is crucial to an effective web page. Here are a few things a good layout can help with the following:

Displaying Information

Organising your content in a way that displays the parts you want to focus on more obviously, is great for attracting users and increasing their chances of staying on your site. Things like feature text, pop out boxes and large background imagery, much this example on Cedar House Care Homes homepage, are the key to this. Helping users focus on certain areas of your page is also great for increasing engagement, highlighting CTAs and interesting areas to get them hooked.

Branding and Image

Building off of that idea, a common mistake that businesses often make is Branding and brand image is a lot more than just logos and graphics. Establishing spacing, sizes and alignment that is consistent across marketing channels and headers can help to establish your image.

Accessibility and User Experience:

An efficient layout will make your user interface much friendlier, thus benefitting user experience. Finding the areas on your website that are the most important to your customers and making them easily accessible benefits both you and the visitors to your page.

The Wrap Up

Having attractive content is great, but having it dotted around, disorganised and potentially inaccessible to first-time users makes a good layout all the more important. Need a hand with layouts, or design in general? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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