The Importance Of The ‘Contact Us’ Page

It’s not something that we’re always thinking about, but it is something that we now expect to see on all websites, no matter what the website, and it’s frustrating when it isn’t there.

Good introductions are usually polite and informative. Whereas your homepage should introduce your company with key and relevant information and call-to-actions (CTA’s) to help the user navigate around the website, your contact page should focus on prompting people to get in touch, no matter what the question.

It’s relatively standard to include a contact form, some details and a google map, shown by Atlas Band Touring. The contact form really helps encourage the user to reach out to them.

What Is The Purpose Of A ‘Contact’ Page

Your company may have business cards that it hands out at events, to potential customers /partners, or anyone who expresses intrigue in your services or products.

Your contact page has a similar purpose which is to engage and spark up interaction with anyone who visits your website. This means that your contact page is important for driving up sales and business.

Including Contact Details & Information

Contact details are vital to begin communication and also give the user all the information they need to speak to you or your company. By providing this information easily, you will attract business and make connections.

Forgetting this information could lead to potential clients choosing to go ahead with another brand, one that is easier to get a hold of!

Your contact details and information can be displayed in the navigation, footer, or in a section of the page so that the user can immediately see how to contact your business.

Adding Contact Forms

Contact forms are also a great feature for your contact page. They are a secure and efficient way to get more leads and make yourself reachable.

You may also include your email and other contact information on the contact page but a contact form is a very easy way for the site visitor to contact you without even leaving the page. It demonstrates that you’re available and easy to access whatever the time, which are attractive qualities to potential business.

Forms also provide further information about who is contacting you, so you can get a heads up on how to reply and get more of an idea of the situation itself.

However a contact form is not the be all and end all. WSG Print have opted to go without and instead show their phone number, email, address and links to their social media. Plenty to choose from!

It’s important to note that if you do decide to go ahead with a contact form, you may want to look at installing some form of recaptcha, as you may get some very fruity emails otherwise!

Building Trust

With scam, hoax and phishing websites on the rise, people are getting more and more cautious of giving out their card details online – and with good reason!

It’s important to make sure you come across as a genuine business, and including your contact details on your website creates a sense of transparency and trust. Did you know that 44% of website visitors will leave a company’s website if there’s no contact information or phone number?

Including your contact information for these reasons is a must.

Including Social Media Links On Your Contact Page

Yes it’s time consuming and at times can seem like more of a chore, but social media is a great way to build up a long term relationship with a customer.

Including your social media links on your ‘contact’ page gives your customers another quick, easy and efficient way of contacting you and getting to know you and your business better.

The Takeaway

The ‘contact us’ page is often a secondary thought in web design and development but it is essential for building a customer base and making more sales.

If a customer can contact you with little to no effort, this should not only increase their chance of doing business with you, but by giving them a positive experiences, you’re increasing the chances of them sharing your business with other like-minded people.

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