Have You Thought About a Service Help Desk?

Maybe you’ve used one yourself, or maybe you haven’t. Maybe you’ve even thought about taking the plunge for your own business but just need that final little push.

Whatever has gotten you thinking about a service help desk, here’s a little bit of information so you can decide if it’s right for you.

What is a Service Help Desk?

So, what exactly is a service help desk?

Essentially, a service help desk is the operating arm of a company’s IT department. Designed to keep everything running smoothly, it’s the single point of contact for clients if they have any issues or queries.

Ranging from helping individual clients problems to large scale outages, there’s nothing that they shouldn’t be able to handle.

Is it Right for your Business?

Naturally, there are going to be some business areas where a service help desk seems a little more necessary.

For example, if you are a platform where your clients create their own apps, you may find it useful to have a service desk for when your clients have technical queries.

It is also useful to have to help align your internal departments. If you’re a large company with multiple departments, it helps facilitate communication and collaboration between your IT and other departments, helping to resolve and even prevent any issues that may crop up.

What are the Benefits of a Service Help Desk?

At this point, you may be thinking that it would be helpful for your company to have a service help desk. But what about that the actual, tangible benefits?

Managing a busy office can be overwhelming at the best of times, so here are a few ways that a service help desk can help you and your business.

It’s Efficient

Every company’s goal is to run like a well oiled machine. No hiccups, no bumps in the road, no stalling. Every sector and every arm of your company working beautifully together at every point. That’s the dream right?

Continually having to deal with niggles and issues is going to slow the whole process down. This is where your help desk comes in.

By having a centralised location for all your customer service needs that can then be dealt out methodically, this cuts down any time spent searching for your department’s relevant tickets.

It’s Seamless

On the more client side of the spectrum, the experience is seamless.

The last thing a client wants is to be passed around from area to area, and the last thing you want is an irritated client because they feel like they’re being given the run around.

Did you know that last year, 49% of consumers actually switched companies because they felt as if they had received more customer service?

With facts like that, it would be ridiculous to ignore something that could potentially help.

It Boosts Productivity

Going hand in hand with boosting efficiency, it can boost the productivity of your staff.

The less time they have to spend chasing support tickets and trying to figure out what needs doing and what’s already been done, the more time they can spend doing what they were hired for.

Having a service help desk ensures that less time is spent talking about doing the support, and that more time is spent looking at the actual support itself.

It Helps with Problem Resolutions

This may seem a little obvious, but if operating smoothly, it helps with problem resolutions.

It’s not great when things go wrong, and when things do, you want them resolved as quickly as possible, with as little stress as possible, right?

If you’re service desk is operating correctly, all tickets that come into the system can be tracked and analysed efficiently and properly.

In addition to this, with all support tickets in the same place, it can be easier to pick up on any patterns there may be. Why wouldn’t you want to prevent future issues, right?

It Shows Expertise

When it all comes down to it, having a service help desk on your website shows expertise.

It shows any clients and potential clients that you have a team dedicating to helping and resolving, and if that isn’t a selling point. I don’t know what is.

Think of it like this, you wouldn’t ask a questions to someone who you don’t think knows the answer right?

Not only are you showing expertise to the clients, but from a workplace point of view, it would be far easier to go to people who can understand the issue, as opposed to spending time on trying to understand the issue yourself first.

It can be Out of Hours

It’s not ideal when a client comes across a problem out of hours.

What’s even less ideal is when it has to be dealt with out of hours.

By outsourcing a dedicated help desk, you can easily offer out of hours support, without affecting the 9-5 staff, and even yourself!

The Takeaway

Whether you’re looking into getting yourself a service help desk right away or you’re still mulling it over, there’s no doubt that there are definite benefits.

By ensuring a smooth and easy process for your clients means happier clients, and a happier company!

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