How To Use Images To Immerse Your Users

In this day and age, it’s not just about good quality photography. As we advance more and more in the world of technology, our demands are getting higher and higher.

Imagery is turning more immersive and super sensory. Full width, high definition and unexpected points of view all work towards an image that is much more dynamic and engaging than ever before.

Take a look at The Retreat‘s website. The full screen images ensure that the user is completely involved in the atmosphere of the Retreat. Coupled with the colours and the lighting of the photographs, the website gets the brand ethos across beautifully.

Read on to find tips on how to make your images immersive and super sensory!

Interesting angles

Interesting angles in imagery are often found in photographs of food. Food imagery can be dynamic and really stand out on the page. Full bleed close ups really let the user imagine the full experience through its own sensory lens.

Imagery should help viewers understand the taste, texture and smell of the food, not just the appearance.


Is there anything quite as immersive as travel photography? There are hundreds of books dedicated to travel photography, and it really is no surprise.

Offering a first person view on landscapes and nature gives the experience of a real genuine feel.

Atmospheric and mystical shots add an air of intrigue and class to a website. The Retreat uses atmospheric photography all throughout the website. It gives the website the feeling of adventure and trust that is so important to the brand.
Just thinking about these two points of photography can really help pull your website together!

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