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Whether you’re an existing company or an idea on the drawing board, an online presence is crucial in modern day marketing. The content you decide to put out on display across marketing channels or on your website determines your brand image and hopefully establishes a lasting impression on some users. Providing what you make is of high quality, here are a few things we might recommend putting on display, with some of our client’s examples!


You’ve worked hard and achieved certifications in your respective field, make sure you display these wherever possible. The homepage is a great place to start, it doesn’t have to be a full feature surrounding them, just an overview. Take J3 Building Solutions for example, their homepage includes a small logo type representation of each accreditation in the footer, each with hyperlinks to descriptive pages. Another idea would be to post said certificates to your Socials like this example from JEC Northern.


Similar to your accreditations, putting in all your hard work for the client’s benefit and not collecting your own content to display on your website can be seen as a waste. Compiling your previous work into a public portfolio for prospective customers to see can be the key to driving new sales. It gives a much clearer idea of the work you do and the results the client can expect, you can also add some personality, BTS imagery or testimonials into the project descriptions to add an extra bit of depth. In fact, pages with original imagery and unique content, especially relating to projects they’ve completed in the past, see up to 40% higher conversion rates than pages with stock photos.


Your website or primary marketing channels are the main sources of information that customers would visit to find out any details before they engage with their project ideas. This is why a section on your website to detail your range of services and the types of projects you like to be involved in is key. This is a great pairing with a portfolio, as you can list a service you specialise in and provide a real-world example as evidence.


Always, always, always write for SEO. Social media posts, website copy and just about anything posted under your name will be legible to show in a search query, so use those keywords! The first five results on page 1 of a Google search account for almost 70% of clicks! So take any chance you can get to rank a bit higher on Google, it’ll certainly be worth it.

A potential customer may not be 100% certain of your capabilities and you may have to sell yourself pretty well to get their wallet open. Including all of the prior topics here is a great start to displaying just what your company can do. Once again referencing J3 Building Solutions, as they include all of the previous and, for prospective website developers, are a good example of information needed on your web pages!

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