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Why Adobe is so Dominant in the Graphics Industry

Anyone who has ever been involved in any sort of graphics or arts, especially in a digital form, will most likely have used at least one of an assortment of available Adobe programs. Adobe is everywhere and everyone uses it, from content creators to huge corporations, but why?

Not many tech corporations have been as consistently relevant for the same amount of time as Adobe, established in 1982 it has been a pioneer in multimedia and creativity software. Best known for its Flash Player, Photoshop/ Illustrator (Creative Suite/ Creative Cloud) and even things like the Portable Document Format (PDF) were created by Adobe. But what makes people choose Adobe over their potentially cheaper counterparts? Read on!

Established and Trusted in the Industry

Let’s get the simple one out of the way, people are more likely to purchase and use a program that is already widely established within the industry. In fact, 9/10 people claim that reading reviews from previous owners influences their buying decision, so with Adobe being the undisputed most popular in their field, you can imagine how many people trust their services.

Gaining this audience was never easy though, the creative industry is fast-moving and very broad. Over time, Adobe managed to optimise its service across all areas, from web designers to animators, through its assortment of different programs with select capabilities. Having this customer needs-based vision, and being able to cater to all these different groups individually, made everyone fall in love.

Innovation and Consistent Improvement

Adobe has released a new product almost every year since its establishment, this constant recirculation of new and improved products keeps them in relevancy, but also keeps the customers happy. Imagine if we still had to make do with Photoshop v1 (we’re on v23.2.1 FYI), I’m sure an alternative would have been found a long time ago. Adobe doesn’t just keep up with trends, they use initiative and form innovative products with fresh capabilities to pioneer the design industry.

The Future Continues to be Adobe

With the growth of the digital world over recent years, Adobe continues to generate billions in revenue, having increased its worth by over 4 billion since 2020. This can only mean great things for future products and the development of the corporation, I certainly don’t think we’ll see Adobe get knocked off the top spot any time soon.

In summary, Adobe took time to build a reputation in the digital world and continue to meet and exceed its high standards. Prioritising customer needs is the key to their undeniable dominance in their industry, along with a fair amount of revenue used in the right places.

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