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Why the “About Us” Page of your website is so important

The ‘About Us’ section of your website can sometimes be one of the most overlooked parts of a company website. Sometimes even an afterthought. Yet, it plays an important role in the user experience, as it is where you can let your personality take over and build a rapport with potential customers. Take advantage of this section by giving the user an insight into your company goals, attitude, owners and employees. You can even view this section as a short auto-biography of your business.

The primary purpose of ‘About Us’ is to inform the user about the company and its operations. However, this page can be an extremely useful section to entice potential customers, add a human element, and become a marketing tool for your business. If someone lands on your page, and becomes serious about finding out who you are, they will very likely go to click on your ‘About us’. So, you want to make sure you can establish credibility and trust, within a few quick clicks. Read on as we take you through some tips to make sure your ‘About Us’ page stands out.

How to make your ‘About Section’ stand out

Tell your story

Effective storytelling is a powerful way to captivate your potential customers and grab their attention. Describing how your business came about, problems you have faced and details of the team will all bring customers closer to you and your business. You can even go even further by adding graphics, photos or a video of the team. These genuine stories will humanise your brand and build a sense of credibility behind the screen. Furthermore, try to customise it for your own business. SoundInc has customised their ‘About Us’ to match the aesthetic of their website. Along with their story, they also have ‘The Mission’ and ‘Pipe Dream’ to name a few.

Answer the essentials: Who, Why, What, When and How

When clicking on ‘About Us’, chances are the user is going to want to know a bit about you and your business. So, clearly communicate the who, why, what, when and how for visitors to gain confidence in your business. However, try to not be generic. You should also include at least one call to action (CTA), for instance a link to your products and services or contact details.

Share your unique identity and make a human connection

As having mentioned, human connection can be extremely important when trying to entice potential customers. Which is why the ‘About Us’ section is the perfect place to show off your personality, have fun and express the unique identity of the business. Speak in an authentic voice, and be friendly and real. Keep in mind, any visitors to your page should still be able to figure out what you do, your long-term goals and mission. Use rich and genuine language and try not to make it too confusing, long or unoriginal. Remember the more authentic and friendly you are the more you are able to grab the users attention.

Add some emotion to build a sense of trust

In the end it is all about building a relationship and gaining trust. Do you have impressive testimonials you would like to share? Or any clients you would like to brag about? Consider mentioning this within the About Us page to make your business more appealing and attention-grabbing. If you can make people believe you are professional and have hit some major milestones users will start to pay attention, and will want to build a relationship.

So, why not give your ‘About Us’ page a little reboot? Why don’t you go and see why testimonials are also important to add to your website here.

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