7 Tips on How to Write Persuasive Copy

In order to market your product or service to the right audience and see your conversion rate improve, it is essential your copy is persuasive. No matter the purpose of your website, your customers require carefully planned copy in order for them to feel confident enough to buy from your company.  According to Stacking the Bricks, improving the copy on a website can improve conversion rates by 2.4x.



Visualising your demographic on the whole is most likely an overwhelmingly large proportion of the population. We’d recommend using user personas to more closely analyse your audience. By characterising the type of person you’re targeting, whether this is by age, location, educational, likes or dislikes, you can write copy more likely to elicit a conversion. Neil Patel investigated the use of pronouns within the copy of the apple website and discovered that you and your was used 110 times in comparison to the 81 mentions of the iPhone. This clearly demonstrates the importance of knowing who exactly is ‘you’.


Define your purpose

In order to write copy that works, it is important to first define your purpose. Depending on your product or service, your copy could be intended to excite, inform or educate your audience in order to persuade. Once you have established this you can tailor your tone to achieve a certain emotional response and generate more sales.


Promote brand values

Writing the copy for your website is an opportunity to consolidate your brand values. Whilst pushing your products is important, it is also essential to express your company’s ethos in order to establish a relationship with your audience. By promoting your brand identity you’re more likely to encourage customer loyalty.


Avoid jargon

Vague and nonspecific terms can damage your brand’s reputation and seem untrustworthy in the eyes of your target audience. Providing exact facts and figures and backing up your assertions will enhance your credibility greatly. This is a great technique in promoting your brand as an expert and eventually becoming a major player in your industry.



The best way to approach this point is to imagine your company is not selling a product or service, but the benefit that comes with the product or service. As discussed previously, Apple relies on a considerate amount of personal pronouns within their copy. This shows that selling a product is all about the advantages specifically for your target audience. Therefore, it is important to establish a value proposition early and repeatedly. For example, AG Events promote their photo booth service by consistently referring to it as a ‘timeless’ or ‘unforgettable’ experience. They are clearly persuading the customer to buy their product by highlighting the benefit of instant print out photos as a way to remember the event.


Call to Action

For any copy to be successful, it is imperative that the reader can clearly see what the next step is. If this isn’t clear, your visitors may lose interest and your bounce rate could increase. Your call to action should be explicit and inviting to encourage a conversion rate.



Perhaps the most obvious tip, the easier your website is to read the more likely you’ll see results. Large text sections can cause users to become disinterested. Copy that is short, broken up with headings and uses a simple layout such as bullet points.


Final Thoughts

Finding a balance between persuading your audience and your intended tone is key to seeing an increase in your conversion rate. Ultimately, the right copy can generate sales following these tips will no doubt show improvement.

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