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Why use us? 16 is new and exciting but also highly experienced.
Why '16'? The name 16 came about because the idea of launching the brand was conceived in 2016 and the director's daughter was born on the 16th.
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2005: Grape

Then called Grape Media, the business initially focused on graphic design & affiliate marketing.

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2007: Staff

The business hired its first staff as well as moved to Newcastle & branched out into ecommerce.

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2009: Sleeky

The business changed name to Sleeky & partnered up with Team Valley Printers. We also started coding in CSS, using Wordpress & offering hosting services.

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2011: Independence

The business became independently run again, as well as we started offering digital marketing & printing.

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2013: Move

We moved our offices to Blaydon, as the team continued to grow, as well as starting to offer mobile friendly / responsive websites.

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2015: Growth

The business continued to grow, and we started offering SEO services to clients.

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2016: Expansion

Further staff joined, we moved to Newburn & started the process of launching the 16 brand.

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2018: Gateshead

Further growth as we set-up an office in Gateshead.

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