The Benefits of Including a Bold Webiste Footer

The footer is the component of a website that often falls behind in terms of its perceived influence on generating conversions from consumers. However, rather than simply assisting in presenting vital legal information for your business, placing more emphasis on your website footer has several benefits for supporting the growth of your business.


Balance of Information:
Including all relevant links in the header of your website can make your website seem cluttered and overwhelming for your visitor. Links that do not need to be foregrounded for your business can be included within the footer. The links are still clearly visible to consumers but this can avoid an overload of information. Establishing a hierarchy of information with the use of a header and a footer can direct your audience to the right links. By making your footer stand out, you’re still able to indicate to your audience that the links included are valuable despite not being included in the header.


Reduced Navigation:
Convenience within web design is becoming more important to the success of a company’s online presence. Reducing the number of page clicks before consumers find desired information has proven to reduce bounce rate dramatically. As a consistent element across all the pages of a website, the footer is an ideal placement for contact information or opening times to make your user’s interaction with your website more convenient. Not only this but according to the User Testing Blog, including call to actions in the footer improved conversions by 50% even with obvious buttons throughout the page. It is becoming instinctive behavior to immediately scroll down a web page, even before the page has fully loaded as evidence by Chartbeat suggests. Therefore, relaying key information in a bold and engaging way at the bottom of your website means it is more likely to be noticed and acted upon.


Opportunity to Strengthen Brand Recognition:
As the last element of your webpage that your visitor sees, it is important to include your logo as part of your footer. Repeating your logo and brand colours serves to strengthen brand recognition and unites your website from top to bottom. Additionally, including links to social media in your footer can be instrumental in demonstrating your brand’s presence across other platforms. Again, as the last part of your webpage that your consumer sees social media links give them their next point of contact moving forward.


How Do I Make My Website Footer Stand Out?
As outlined above, a bold website footer can have several benefits for your business and has proven to generate conversions. However, this is only possible if your footer stands out enough to be noticed by your consumers. Bright and contrasting colours offer an alternative to traditional footer styles and allow your key information to be noticed more. Renew Advice has opted for a larger orange footer which covers more space on the page, this is effective in pointing the user towards key pages. Experimenting with different styles and layouts is often well received, especially by a younger demographic. With this in mind, including imagery or graphic elements can help convey information quickly and conveniently and engage consumers more effectively.

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