Simplicity in Logo Design

When designing a logo, it can be very tempting to overcomplicate things. You want your logo to stand out, and be “eye-catching”. But when you really think about it, some of the most memorable logos are also the most simple.

Take Nike’s logo for example, instantly recognisable – not a logo you’d forget easily. And that’s because that’s how the logo has been designed, so simple you couldn’t forget it. When someone mentions Nike, you instantly picture their signature swooshing tick, and that’s how a logo should be.

If your logo contains text – which most do, fonts are also key. Again, simple is generally better. You want it to be clear and legible – once again, this makes for a memorable logo. It’s all well and good trying to make your logo different from the rest with some fancy script font or crazy handwritten-style type, but it’s no good if your audience can’t read it. Google’s logo is a great example for this. The world’s number one used search engine understand that a simple design packs the most punch. They have intentionally used an extremely simple, user friendly sans serif font. With users from around the world of all different ages and abilities, they know that it needs to be easily read by all users of all abilities.

Here’s a perfect example of an overcomplicated logo. Yes, you want your customers to know what your business does, but you don’t necessarily have to spell it out in your logo. Overloading it with graphics and silly fonts like the logo above can create a very tacky result. And since your logo is a reflection of your business, this is how your potential customers will view you. The other problem with the “all the bells and whistles” approach is that this logo isn’t very adaptable. You couldn’t use this on any other coloured background but white, which can create issues when using it for branding, print, websites etc. The best logos are simple enough to work in any colour, on any background and across different platforms. You don’t want to be limited by your logo.

This doesn’t mean to say that your logo can’t have that little bit of creative flair to it. Simple doesn’t have to be boring. Take our own recently redesigned logo for example.  We’ve added splashes of bright colour with a cool gradient, for a stand out yet simple design. Clever use of shadow and shape give the very simple ’16’ that little bit of edge.

Now this isn’t to say there are set rules to design a logo, remember to use your creativity, these are just some helpful tips to create the most effective design. Feel free to have fun with it!

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