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Boosting the Digital Presence of Your Business

Global Ecommerce sales have risen by almost $8 trillion since 2020 and with the digital world growing as fast as it is, it’s no wonder how many businesses have been scrambling to get online in the last few years. The presence of all these different websites, varying in popularity, can make it hard for the average business to get visible on the internet. It can take some time to really see some results, but here are a few things that could be worth considering!

Attractive, Responsive Web Design

Bounce rate can be a big problem for websites that haven’t had a bit of time spent optimising how they run and look, a bit of TLC never hurt. Using your own high-quality imagery and graphics not only makes the site look good but also provides a small amount of insight to you as a company.

Loading speeds are crucial for a good first impression, up to 90% of users will click off if the loading time of the site is around five seconds. Making sure imagery is properly sized and any additional functionality/plugins are optimised for your site is key. This isn’t to deter you from using such content though, users will for sure rather look at some nice images and feature text than a wall of words!

Active Marketing Channels

It’s fairly obvious that using a range of alternative channels will help your digital presence, extending your reach to other corners of the web. However, having inactive accounts can actually deter potential customers from interacting with you. It’s important to consistently post and connect with the public on things like Social Media, but I would steer away from a corporate regime and add some personality to your brand. It’s a lot less likely that users will enjoy following you if you take up their free time with adverts and business statistics than if you get in with some trends or post fun updates. This doesn’t mean you can’t run promotional things through your socials, maybe even getting some of those ‘influencers’ involved to advertise your service.

Interactive Content and CTAs

As aforementioned, a great way to reduce your bounce rate is to use alternative content. To go even further than the use of imagery, would be to use alternative content like Videos, Interactive sections and Feedback/Contact Forms. These, along with CTAs (Call to Action), give an opportunity to get in touch, learn more or just do something a bit more interesting than reading. Weaving in as many CTAs as possible is great for taking a viewer that step closer to a paying customer, things like ‘Contact Us’ or ‘Get a Quote’ can be an initiating factor for a sale.

If you really want to excel in the digital world, it’s important to consider the audience you’re appealing to. If you were in their position and you came across your website or socials, would you be intrigued enough to want to get involved? Keep it interesting!

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