How to design a website for eCommerce

To facilitate a customer conversion, it is essential that your eCommerce website is professional, easy to navigate and informative. For businesses that rely solely on profit from the sale of online goods, this is especially imperative. According to the Safe Cycle blog, the eCommerce sector reached £137.38bn last year. With more and more companies moving online, quality web design is increasing in demand. 




A particularly important aspect of building an eCommerce website is to ensure each element directs the user towards a purchase. The easier and more convenient the user experience, the higher your conversion rates will be. Call to action buttons, in particular, should stand out. This can be achieved with a bold colour or gradient, clear button shape and white background. 


Your site map can also increase the likelihood of a purchase. By organising your product pages into categories you are making it easier for the user to find their desired product. Go the extra mile and include a search bar. The quicker your customer finds a product, the less likely they are to lose interest and bounce. 


Shopping Cart


Much like reality, your customer is likely to want to buy more than one item. Having a shopping cart feature allows them to keep track of their purchases and browse their shopping list. A step further would be to add a wish list, allowing your customers to save their products for later. If their products are saved, they are more likely to purchase later knowing it will take a matter of clicks. Additionally, those who have a budget to keep to will appreciate the ability to come back later for a final decision. 


Customer Login 


Customer accounts can personalise the shopping experience with targetted advertisements and recommended products. Customers will also appreciate the convenience of having their details saved for future use, increasing the likelihood of them becoming a regular customer. Encouraging customers to sign up will increase your mailing list and provide an opportunity to inform your audience of any sales or discounts. 


Guest Checkout


Alternatively, customers will appreciate the option to purchase products without signing up. Providing all your details can sometimes be seen as a hassle rather than a convenience. This shortens the checkout process considerably and therefore there is less of a chance your customer will change their mind. 




According to Pew Research Centre, half of adults under 50 regularly check online reviews before making a purchase decision. Displaying reviews from third parties demonstrates your credibility, honesty and trustworthiness to potential customers. Additionally, reviews are an opportunity to learn from customer feedback and adapt your product if necessary. 


Product Photography


Professional photography will go a long way to securing a sale. A study by MDG advertising, 67% of customers rated photography as ‘very important’ to their purchase decision. A picture holds valuable information that sometimes can not be translated into text. For example, photographs allow for different angles and give the user a clearer idea of what to expect. The more informed your customer is, the less likely you are to receive poor feedback or a return. 


Product Description 


The more information you provide your customer, the more likely they to be happy with the product they receive. Product descriptions can be broken down into materials, uses and technical information to make it easily digestible for the reader. Abbey Masterbatch goes the extra mile and provides detailed graphs to illustrate the benefits of their products to their customer. This ensures the customer is well informed and is confident in their purchasing decision. Additionally, it allows the customers to compare products and decide which is most suitable for the purpose. 


Final Thoughts


With a growing reliance on eCommerce to buy a wide range of products, web design must support the shopping experience. A more pleasant online experience will see a definite increase in conversion rates and happy customers.

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