The Benefits of an Online Booking System

With today’s society being well and truly stuck in the age of the internet, why wouldn’t you want to upgrade your website to integrate an online booking system? It may seem costly at first, but with less and less people wanting to make phone calls each and every day, there really is no other option. Here are 5 advantages of having an online booking system which will make it seem like a no-brainer.


     1. Less phone time


Nobody wants to be tied up to a phone all day, and luckily with an online booking system, you’re not. Not only does this gives you the freedom of doing other things around the business, but it can also cut your workload dramatically and therefore cut costs!


     2. 24/7 booking access


Not all jobs have the same working hours, so shouldn’t your booking system be able to accommodate that? If a customer is at work during the hours that you also are, that could be a lost sale. Customers don’t want to have to go out of their way to book something, and it’s highly likely that you’ll lose out over someone who is more accessible to them.


     3. Easier for the customer


To tie in with the above point, it’s just easier for the customer. In a world where people want everything right NOW, an online booking system satisfies that. Whether it be booking a spa day at 6am after a 12 hour shift at work, or booking show tickets whilst you’re out with your mates, your customer wants that instant gratification.


     4. Reduce the chance of a no show


Is there anything worse than getting ready for a customer… but then they never show? Not only does an online booking system make it easier for you to take a deposit off a customer, but it can also send them reminders so they don’t accidentally forget. This drastically decreases your no show rate.


     5. Upsell, upsell, upsell!


An online booking system gives you the opportunity to easily upsell other services that you may provide. Is there a team booking a full days paintball with you? Add a lunch option. Have a hen party who wants to pamper themselves at the salon? Add a fizz option.

Jesmond Dene House is a perfect example of this. The booking system makes it clear the extras and upgrades you can have, and when you put the prices side by side like that, what’s an extra £30 if you get an a la carte meal, bed and breakfast?

There’s a whole host of possibilities out there when you take the leap to an online booking system. It’s a leap that no business should miss out on, especially when it could be the difference between a loyal customer and a hard pass.

Here are 16, we not only create beautiful websites, but we can also make changes to your existing ones. Changes that including adding an online booking system to make your and your business’ life easier. If you’re wanting to learn more, feel free to contact us.

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