How to Improve Customer Journey

Having an effective customer journey is key for a website, no matter what the business is. According to the SoDA Report (Volume 1, 2014) 77% of agencies believe that a bad website user experience is a weakness for their clients. What we can learn from this is that customer journey and design go hand in hand. With 88% of online consumers less likely to return to a website after having a bad experience on it according to InVision, it’s imperative that these things are thought about and not forgotten.

So how do you perfect the customer journey?
You make it easy, of course.

Clients and customers have enough stress and worry to think about in a day without the addition of a confusing website. People want instant gratification, and they want it now.

Read on to find out three easy ways to make sure you’re not losing business:


Less Writing, More Interest


Have you ever seen a homepage of a website where it’s all text? Have you ever stayed to read that copy? Was it an enjoyable experience for you? No, it probably wasn’t.

It looks clunky, outdated, unresponsive and just isn’t aesthetically pleasing to the eye. In our fast paced society, we don’t want to be forced to slow down to read paragraphs and paragraphs of writing on a website.

Now, there are certain pages that allude to having more text, such as ‘About Us’ and ‘FAQs’. However, these should all be pages that your customers choose to click on and choose to read. So strip your homepage text and create a separate page instead. Which leads me to the next point…


CTAs (Call To Action)


Every website needs clear, visible CTAs to be effective. People like to be shown exactly what to do and where to go instead of being left to their own devices navigating around your website. You’ll find that by including more obvious CTAs, your conversion rates will increase.

Typically, when you think of CTA buttons, you think of something along the lines of ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Enquire Here’. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

By adding a ‘Find Out More’ or ‘Explore’ button, you’re giving the option for people to learn more about your business instead of bombarding them with it. This leads to a more positive experience and is more likely to bring people back time again.

Connect Insolvency does this perfectly by introducing their services as buttons on the homepage. The designs and colours are eye catching so they draw you in. You know exactly what the company does and the buttons take you to exactly the page that you’re interested all whilst keeping everything straight to the point.


Keep it Engaging


If you’ve already followed the first two steps, you should be well on your way to making your website and content engaging. The end goal of your website is for you to convince people to buy into you and your product or services. To truly do that, you need to keep them engaged on your website and build trust and rapport.

By de-cluttering your homepage text and adding CTAs to lead customers where they want to go, you’re keeping people engaged. The more and more pages they click, the more and more they learn about you and hopefully, begin to trust you.

But don’t be fooled, one wrong step here and you could be turning people away to your competitors.

Making sure your customers are happy should be one of your top priorities. By designing a beautiful, easy to use website with clear CTAs and all the correct information is a great foundation to start with.

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