Tips for writing effective content

Having a good-looking website is important if you want to impress your visitors and this first impression is important indeed. A great website design, simple navigation and eye-catching calls to action will set you apart from your competition, however, these website elements do not sell. Customers will not buy only what they see, they will buy what they read and having effective content will increase your chances of converting your visitors into customers.


Research is the first step of each well-planned process. Content writing is a process based on the results of your research whose main goals are identifying the target audience and the most important keywords you need to focus on. Knowing your target audience, their age, habits, behaviour and lifestyle in general will help you communicate with them better by using the language they can best understand and relate to.

The first step is to put yourself in their shoes and think about what terms they would use to find your services – this will help you identify the most relevant keywords and the tone and style of your content.


Having identified the target audience and the most relevant keywords, the next step is using this knowledge to write your website copy. How would you describe your target audience? Are they young and wild individuals looking for fun and excitement? Or are you targeting C-level professionals? Either way, your website content needs to speak their language in terms of style and tone, otherwise, they will not understand your message and will leave your website no matter how great it looks.

Use simple language

Simplifying your content is crucial because regardless of their background or age, when your visitors land on your website, they will look for answers to their questions and if they can not find these answers, they will leave your website in a matter of minutes. Simplicity is the key to success and makes your content highly informative and relevant, which is what every audience is looking for.

Make it scannable

Making your content scannable by using the hierarchy of elements and information is crucial because the truth is, when visitors land on your website for the first time, they won’t read all content. They will first scan for the most important information and if they find it, they will continue browsing. The most important information should be placed up top, long and wordy paragraphs should be replaced by an elegant bullet list, enabling the visitors to skim the text.

SEO optimisation

Yes, apart from optimizing your website for people, it needs to be optimized for search engines too. This involves the usage of the right keywords and appropriate distribution of these keywords so that search engines can “understand” what your website is about and for what searched terms it is relevant.

Wrap up

One might think that writing your website content is simple – you know your business and services and all you need to do it just write. But unfortunately, it is more complicated and writing website content is quite different from other types of writing. If you are in need of copywriting services, I’d recommend M.A.D Communications, a Newcastle copywriting agency. They are a team of marketing professionals that offer copywriting, design, marketing and PR services and are a great team to work with!

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