Using Your Website as an Online Marketing Tool

Most companies do use their website as the most important online marketing tool, and they do it successfully. Social media marketing, content marketing and email marketing are great additional activities that can immensely help your online marketing results. However, given that they all point to your website, your overall online marketing success hugely depends on your website, because this is what converts your visitors into customers in most cases.

Here are a few tips that should help you effectively use your website as an online marketing tool.

SEO Optimisation

An effective website that converts needs to be optimized both for search engines and for people. Search engine optimisation helps your website’s rankings. The higher search engine rankings, the greater the chances of being found and visited by potential customers. On-page and off-page SEO are equally important and here is a useful post that can help you understand SEO better.


Once your visitors have landed on your website, they need to be offered simple and intuitive navigation so that they can browse your website’s pages with ease and find the answers to their questions. If your website does not offer simple navigation, your visitors might not be able to find the information they are looking for even though it is there.

Website Design and Layout

Modern website design surely looks attractive, but it is very important to keep the simplicity in this segment too. A good website layout is the one that brings visitors’ focus to the most important website elements – headings, calls to action and other visual elements that will encourage the visitors to take necessary actions until they reach the conversion goals you have set.

Calls to Action

Calls to action (CTAs) are an extremely important element of your website because they point your visitors directly to the conversion goals – be it ‘learn more’ ‘sign up for newsletter’ or ‘ask for quote’, they help your visitors find out the information they are looking for and this is why having clear and eye-catching CTAs is crucial for your website’s marketing strategy.


Great content is there to accompany the above-mentioned elements of your website and it is of crucial importance for your online marketing strategy. Clear, concise and readable content needs to provide simple answers to your visitors’ questions. A good example of a website with simple but effective content is Abbey Masterbatch, a major masterbatch manufacturer & supplier.

Wrap up

Your website is and should be your primary online marketing tool and for this reason, it deserves regular updates and maintenance to make sure it always offers fresh and up to date content to your visitors.

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