Web Design Predictions for 2020

With the end of 2019 fast approaching, it is time to consider what 2020 holds for web design. With the continuous advancement in digital technologies, we can expect jaw-dropping visuals from the upcoming year. Stay ahead of the competition with our list of predictions from minimalism to VUI. 


Micro Animation


Small animated assets could be a great addition to your website, without distracting from the content. Depending on how this is executed, it could add an element of playfulness or modernise your website to reflect your company values. Additionally, it could direct your users towards a certain page or call to action, having a positive impact on your conversion rates. 




Less complex design is becoming increasingly common and will be a prominent theme in 2020. We’ve seen this trend emerging in recent web design. Also referred to as flat imagery, this trend involves no shadows, white (or colour) space. Less cluttered design is more visually pleasing to the user and ensures they are not overwhelmed with excessive content and graphics. Renders Online, for example, have opted for more minimalist assets within their design. CTA buttons are empty and rely on white space. This design still draws the reader to the CTA without appearing loud and overbearing in comparison to the rest of the site. 




As a response to our continued reliance on the digital world, web design has started to utilise realistic elements. In 2020, we’re likely to see the appearance of more organic shapes and textures, more reflective of reality. Material design, mostly in icons, will also become more common. This involves using shadows and gradients to make elements seem more real. 


Optimise for Mobile


With 94% of users admitting to not trusting a website based on their web design, it is becoming more imperative we adapt and optimise for mobile. To work well on screen, your mobile should be thumb-friendly and easy for users to navigate between pages. A burger menu is an effective option to allow all navigation to be kept in an easily reachable place.




The way we conduct our internet searches is changing with more than 40 million users per month using VUI interfaces according to the Design Detective. With more voice-operated searches, it may be time to revisit your SEO strategy ready for 2020. Keywords that better reflect natural and conversational speech might improve your search engine rankings. Additionally, VUI will be better supported with easier navigation and simpler template designs to help users find their desired page. 


Chat Bot


AI is making an appearance across several sectors in the market, from car manufacturing to analytics. In terms of websites, it is estimated that 30% of our online chat conversation with service providers and retailers are now run through chatbots. In fact, by 2022, banks in particular with be automating up to 90 per cent of their interactions via chatbots. With this in mind, web design for 2020 should consider this and having a live chat feature should be higher up your agenda. 


Final Thoughts 


At 16 we can’t quite believe it is September already. Researching new technologies and industry trends is a great way to get us prepared for the upcoming year. With 2019 experiencing advancements in both AI and VUI, it is likely we will see the impact of this in 2020. 

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