Why your website should include a photo gallery

A photo gallery is an effective method of showcasing your product to your audience in a convenient way. Including a photography gallery on your website can provide your users with an insight into your business and service. Rather than relying on text, images can help establish a more human connection with your audience.

Whether you’re showing how your product works or what your clients can expect from your business, images provide reliable evidence of the benefits your company is offering. Not only this but including your own imagery on your website can cause you to be more memorable to your audience. As stated by Social Media Examiner a person who sees information from a picture is 65% more likely to remember it three days later.

Prove your quality
Including a photo gallery will prove to your audience the quality of your product or service. Visually representing your product or service is a guarantee to your audience of the service they will receive. Demonstrating this to your audience can build a sense of trust surrounding your brand. By seeming proud and honesty of your work, your audience will be more likely to invest their time and money with your business.

Imagery can replace text by removing the need to describe your product or service completely. Utilising text to highlight features and benefits is still important, but trying to describe every aspect of your product can be difficult. Imagery is often a better method to communicate key points.

Metropolitan House for example, uses a photo gallery to inform potential clients of their meeting and office rooms they have available for rent. Describing a room would be much more difficult and time consuming for their audience. With photographs, clients are able to decide quickly whether their services would be suitable for their purpose and avoids the need to book a viewing.

Having to navigate your website to look for product images can be tedious for many users. Placing your images in one collection can make it a lot easier for your clients to decide between your different products and weigh up the benefits for each one. To go the extra mile, you could watermark your images with your logo and support brand recognition and consistency.

Boost your SEO
Photographs can help improve your SEO by offering another opportunity to include your keyword on your site. Both your title and your alt text should include your keyword. Including images can also make it easier for your users to find your products on Google image search. According to Cincopa the more images and photo galleries you have the more likely users will be able to find your website on google.

How to get the most from my photographs?
Now we’ve established the importance of a photography gallery, there are a few tips to ensure you maximise the potential of including product images. A good quality camera is essential, low-resolution images will not benefit the credibility of your company. It might even be worth hiring a professional to ensure your images reflect the quality of product or service as best as possible.

Once you’ve sorted your camera, your lighting should be the next priority. Bad lighting can look unprofessional and may not do your product justice. Your background can help to improve this too, it might even be worth using a white backdrop to ensure you get the best quality image. Lastly, use a tripod. Shakey images are not ideal to showcase your product.

Final Thoughts
Galleries can effectively demonstrate to your audience the benefits and values of your products and services. With more information about what you have to offer, they’re more likely to convert and increase your revenue.

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