Why is it Important to Show the Human Elements of Your Company

Most people believe that when creating a brand image, it is important to remain professional and have a formal website. While this is correct for some types of businesses, most customers prefer to see the human side of your company and it is important to showcase this on your website. Theoretically, if a customer were to walk into an in-person shop they would be more likely to trust a human employee over a robot, and the same concept can be applied to your website. The personal aspect of your company can help put your customers at ease and provide them with a nicer experience, making them more likely to choose your service or come back again. This can be done in many ways, such as having an ‘about is’ or ‘meet the team’ section of your website, having photos of you and your employees on your website, having a regularly updated blog or social media page where you can interact with clients, or replying to emails/ phone calls/ texts from customers.

Introducing Yourself on Your Website

Usually, when somebody visits your website for the first time, it will be the first time they are seeing your company. And first impressions count, especially in the business world. Having a section of your website labelled ‘about us’ or ‘meet the team’ – which are frequently seen on many websites – can be a perfect way for people visiting your website to get a feel for who you are as a business. It can just be a small piece written in a casual tone to introduce yourself and your employees. This can include a multitude of different things, including who you are and the history of your company, people like to read a unique story which evokes emotion, and it will make them feel closer to your company. It is also important to include your brands values and morals in your ‘about us’ page, this will help to show potential clients what your brand is all about. For example, if your brand is particularly passionate about boycotting fast fashion, make sure to include that in your website.

Another way to introduce the human aspect of your brand onto your website is to have images of you and your staff on your website, so that clients can put a face to the service that you are offering. These work best when they are professionally taken photos that show you working or in the workplace. Furthermore, you could also consider showing a page of reviews on your website, this will allow for customers to influence other potential customers by showing what a great experience they had.

Why is Customer Service Important?

Customer service is arguably the most important aspect of having a business, as having a good reputation with clients can make or break your business. It shows a level of professionalism when there are ways for a customer to contact someone at your company with any queries they may have, whether this be via email, text, phone call, etc. Having methods of communicating with possible clients can form a relationship between the company and the client, putting the client at ease and making them more likely to work with you. Having a good relationship with clients is essential because creating a base of returning customers can be vital for a business.

Moreover, when working with a client it is necessary to note that sometimes they will want a face-to-face meeting, either via a video calling service or in person. Being able to speak to clients in this manor is important and having the facilities to do so is essential. If you don’t have a space suitable to hold a meeting, there are many facilities you can hire, such as the meeting room on offer at a Gateshead based meeting space and office, which can be hired by the hour . Rooms such as this one usually include seating areas, screens to show presentations on, and refreshments for the duration of the meeting.

Companies with excellent customer service usually have the best reviews both on company websites, social media, and Trustpilot. This can encourage others to use your company and bring more customers to your business.  

Should Your Business have a Social Media Page?

Social media can be an amazing way to stay connected with clients. Showing day to day life at your business can be extraordinarily helpful in making your brand feel more relatable to customers and making it feel more personal and human. Keeping up with posts and making sure to regularly update your page is something that requires minimal effort and will have a huge payoff in the long run, growing your social media page is definitely something to consider because building a following will benefit your business. Being able to interact with clients and update your followers on what’s new with your business in such an informal way is beneficial for your business because it shapes how a possible client may view you as a business.

Social media also allows for you to advertise your brand to people that may not have come across your business otherwise. This is good because it can draw in unexpected clients and offer a whole new clientele access to your services. Having a link to your website in your social media bio (and vice versa) is also advantageous to optimise the amount of exposure your business has.


Overall, for most businesses it is important to advertise the human elements of your company. This allows for customers to see the people they are interacting with online and puts them more at ease. This is easily done through social media, your company website, and having good customer service skills throughout your team.

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