10 Places to use your new Logo design

So, you have a new, freshly designed logo for your business… now, what do you do with it? Well, you should try and place your logo in as many different places as possible to fully expose your business and improve brand recall.

Since your logo is only one part of your brand’s identity, it is very important you consistently use it so that it becomes an amplified representation of your business.

Customers come into contact with a lot of branding day-to-day, therefore it is essential your brand stands out from the crowd and is consistent on every platform you have. The more consistent your brand is, the stronger feeling your customers will have.

To make the most out of your logo, we have collected a list of 10 places that it could be utilised:

Your Website

No matter where your customer firsts hear about your business, more often than not, it will usually end up leading them to your website. Common design conventions specify that a business logo should be placed either on the top left or the centre of the website.

Abbey Masterbatch has a strong distinctive logo that stays at the top of the page, no matter which pages you visit on their website. This gives the visitor more time to instil the visuals into their memory.

Website visitors can see your logo, visuals and story together in one place, which can give them a clear understanding of what you have to offer.

Social Media Profiles

A logo will be the first thing that makes you recognisable to an audience on social media, and more importantly, social media sites directly link brand visuals with customer engagement.

As soon as you have gotten your new logo, it would be worthwhile sharing to your followers that you’ve had an update, and this can help the audience remember your new logo design. Every time you post content on social media, your followers see your logo and link it with your content.

Business Cards

Business cards are a small powerful tool for any business and can potentially end up in front of many new customers. This is why it is essential your logo is on your business cards, with an easy selling point so it can be easy to remember.

Business cards are a tactile way of representing your brand offline. They are an easy way to promote your business to customers through communication. If you can sum up your business in a simple business card, with the help of a recognisable logo, then it is more likely your card will be kept for projects in the future.

Presentation Templates

When presenting to an audience, whether that be a potential client, investors or your staff, make sure to incorporate your business logo on every slide to solidify brand consistency.

Try to volunteer to pitch to clients or hold local workshops with your PowerPoint slides. Not only are you putting a friendly face with the business, but you are showing off your professional branding. According to Forbes, presenting a brand consistently across all platforms can increase revenue up to 23%, therefore it is worthwhile going the extra mile to ensure everything you show to the public is fully branded.

Promotional Items

Anytime you are away from the office, always remember to carry promotional material with your logo printed in the centre. This could be totes, pens, lanyards and mugs.

It’s a perfect excuse to hand out your personalised items if someone has forgotten a pen in a meeting! Few people turn down free giveaways, therefore you have the opportunity to expand your business to customers that would perhaps not have known you in any other circumstance.

Business Stationery

Include a logo on letters, envelopes, notepads, and labels to add a touch of professionalism. The is the same for emails to clients or staff and logos should be situated with the businesses contact information.

Repetition is key and customers can form a connection with familiar branding, which in suit makes them trust your expertise. It’s worthwhile having custom stationery created to have a continuous flow of branding, which reflects greatly on your business!


A favicon is a small 16×16 pixel icon that serves as branding for your website and is found next to anything that identifies your website. For example, tabs, bookmarks, history results, and search bars will all reveal your businesses favicon.

Therefore, why not add your logo as your favicon icon for brand consistency. If your logo is too big, then try adopting a certain style/colour from your logo instead.

Take a look at Sleeky, the favicon used is the letter ‘S’ and it has incorporated the theme colour of pink. Although the logo has not been used, it instantly connects you with the branding of Sleeky and represents a coherent house theme.

Business Vehicles

Branded vehicles are very hard to ignore and do grab many driver’s attention with their bold colours and graphics. This is a perfect opportunity for your logo to be seen by hundreds of more viewers.

If you have any company cars or vans, consider spray painting them in a primary colour from your branding then add your logo and tagline to areas that will be easy for other road users to read.

Invoices and Forms

Similar to correspondence, any forms that are sent to clients should include a logo. Your branding will land in front of many eyes if frequently issuing forms, receipts and invoices on a routine basis.

Many people see branded materials as a sign of professionalism and customers are 3.5 times more likely to purchase from you if they can see brand consistency throughout your business.

Décor in the Office

Finally, the last place we’d suggest placing your logo is in your office! Putting several decorative accents throughout the workplace can be a subtle but effective way of marketing and again, brand consistency. Any client that comes to your office will be able to recall the logo, branding and feel if they have never visited face to face.

A logo is a mascot for your business. Try to continue looking for new ways to incorporate it into any materials that your customers will see!

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