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A Guide to Elevating Your Landing Page

The landing page is an integral aspect of your brand’s website and overall digital reputation. It is what will essentially give users their “first impression” of your services, your team and what you’re all about as a company.  The importance of curating an effective and meticulously planned landing page can not be overstated, as it truly functions as the hub of the webpage and of your business’s digital presence overall. Stick around as we break down these must-have features to include on your landing page if you’re looking to optimize customer engagement, and increase potential profit. 

Include A Catchy Headline and Tagline

One of the first details that the possible client’s eye will be drawn to, will most likely be the emboldened headline that should be placed at the forefront of your website’s landing page. Ideally, it will encapsulate the services you’re offering in a succinct yet unique way in order to reel potential clientele in by sparking interest right off the bat. Below this should be the tagline, which should explain to the user what your brand is offering, in a unique short-form way.

Limit Navigation Options

The whole point of an efficacious landing page is to guide the client into performing a certain desired action, effectively and efficiently – without being too obvious that that is the goal. A great way to encourage this is to remove navigation options from the landing page, in order to avoid the website user wandering around the webpage and clicking on various links; rather than the one that you want them to. This will generally lead to increased brand engagement, and a more desirable end result in terms of customer service.. 

Link Your Brand’s Socials 

While it’s true that an overly busy landing page may discourage potential clientele from interacting with your business, there’s a delicate balance to be found between an overpowering design and utilising the opportunity to promote your business and your website. Making your landing page shareable, and including links to your company’s other digitals such as Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn is a great way to guide audiences from various online platforms to your landing page.

Include Visual Content and Media

Implementing tasteful, relevant imagery and videos into your brand’s landing page can be a super effective way to help quickly convey your company’s core ideals and values, without being too boring or predictable. It is much more engaging than simple text based formatting to the client, who may be put off by the prospect of having to read monotonous walls of text to understand the point of your website. Switch it up with the styling of your landing page from time to time, and watch engagement levels sky rocket! 

A Brief Overview

That’s all for our cohesive breakdown of what to include when designing a strong landing page, one that will hopefully highlight the advantages of engaging with your brand while simultaneously encouraging a call to action.

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