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The Importance of Communication in Digital Marketing

Marketing has changed a lot in recent years. Technical evolution, investment and alternate factors like a global pandemic have sped up the rate at which we have developed digital marketing solutions. However, one thing has always remained a prevalent success factor across all kinds of projects, effective communication.

Whether you have already secured a project with a client, or are advertising on your marketing channels, clear and concise communication at any stage is the key to getting the best out of your processes, but why? A good communication strategy can bridge the gap between any uncertainties and draw in potential customers, whilst optimising any work you complete and strengthening internal relationships. The following are a few areas you should look to apply effective communication and why:

Marketing Channels Like Social Media

For many potential customers, your marketing channels may be the first point of contact. On things like Social Media its important to maintain professionalism, but an attractive, friendly demeanor to bring in new followers. This is where effective communication would benefit you greatly, sticking to a brand voice and communication style will help users relate to you and recognise your content in the future, increasing their chances of making contact.

Consistency is key, regularly posting quality content on your marketing channels and actively engaging with your followers will increase your visibility and range of audience, in-turn providing you with more customers. These days, people love to see brands replying to posts on social media as it makes them more human and easier to relate to.

Client Communication

This is the obvious one. A lack of communication between an agency and its client can make a project fail, simple as that. Communicate at each milestone of the project in case of any issues and changes that need to be implemented. There are a few key aspects of client communication:

  • Five key skills – Transparency, Empathy, Self-Awareness, Context and Flexibility.
  • Don’t overcommunicate.
  • Don’t give up on a quiet client! They’re probably just as busy as you are.

Colleague and Internal

With many companies in the digital marketing industry adopting a work-from-home alternative at least a few days a week, communication between colleagues has become even more important. To work collaboratively to a high standard it’s important to keep in close contact with each other, even more so than with the client. This is to ensure the same work isn’t repeated, and that all the deliverables are on time and help is provided when needed.

Strong relationships are great to have with customers, clients and colleagues, it makes your work life more fun and is actually proven to benefit the standard of the things you produce. You can’t build a solid relationship without speaking to each other!

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