Are You Using Video?

With each and every passing day, the world of advertising and technology is ever expanding. With websites having a smaller and smaller window of opportunity to impress the audience (did you know that our attention span is only 8 seconds?!), is there a more perfect way to catch interest than using video?


Where can you put a video?

Obviously, it’s easy to say you can place the video wherever you want, because when it’s your own website, you can! But how do you make sure that your video is in the most effective place?

Here is a list of places that a video can not only fit in, but places where video can actually enhance.



Possibly one of the most obvious places to put a video, but the hero can be extremely effective. It’s the first thing that a user sees, so why not grab their attention with a video?

Just like the video hero on Buy To Let Deals, the trick here is to make sure that you have a video that gives your users an exciting insight to the company.

Whether this video is a background video or not is entirely up to you, but as the first thing your users come across, it should not only be captivating but give a true sense of what your business does.


Social proof sections

If your website has a testimonial or a case study section, this lends itself to video.

Having a video is not only a more dynamic way of showing off your case studies and how well you do, but as it’s putting a face to a name, it gives the case study or testimonial more of a ‘real’ feel.


Product pages

Sometimes, it’s a lot easier to show someone how something works rather than to write it down.

If you really want to improve your customer experience and bring something more exciting to the table, do it in a video! It creates the ideal shopping experience.


Home page explanation video

Even though this video is still featured on the homepage, it is different to the hero video explained earlier.

This can be placed further down the page and also has the opportunity to give your website users more information about your company and what it does.


Employee pages

Unlike the other placements, this may not seem as obvious.

By having a video on the employee page, this not only gives a chance for the employee to show how happy they are in their position, but it also gives the general public a positive view of your company.

People are more likely to choose the services or a product of a brand that they trust and believe in. And it’s just nice having people have a positive impressions of you, right?


These are just some of the places that can be improved by adding a video, but don’t forget, that’s not all your limited to!

In the world of web design, anything is a possibility.

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