Benefits of blog pages to business websites

“Dear diary, today is Monday. I hate Mondays”

Blogging. No, we’re not talking about blogging about your daily schedule and when you’re going to fit in that coffee date with Miranda from next door. We’re talking about blogging and news pages for business websites.

The aim of your website is to connect with both existing and potential customers, right?

Blogging allows you to speak directly to your target audience, and educate them about what your business does. If this isn’t enough to convince you, read ahead to learn about the benefits of blogs and news pages for websites.

Why do people tend to blog? Blogging can be a form of self-expression, allowing you to share your passions and interests, share knowledge and build up a community of likeminded people.

Blogs can be written about everything an anything, therefore the possibilities are endless.

Likewise, those who read blogs are keen to learn, inquisitive and most likely have an interest in whatever your blog or website is about. This means your readers are an extremely receptive audience, perfect for sneakily blowing your own trumpet regarding your goods and services.

Content that connects

Blogging and news pages allows your customers to learn something new, either about your business or a subject related to your website.

This is content that connects, because your customers do not feel that you are trying to sell to them.

They feel invested and connected at a more personal level. Readers can comment, share and like articles, allowing you as a business to converse directly with your audience. This will allow you to get a much deeper understanding of your customers, build trust and loyalty over time.

Many people do not consider blogging on their business website – it is often associated with personal interests and news. But who says a business cannot do this too?

Blogging and incorporating a news feed into your business website builds up a network and community of readers with a keen interest in both your business and the content you are creating. It allows you to show a personal side of your brand that can’t be seen through other outbound marketing techniques.

Numbers behind the blogs

It’s easy to say blogging can have a profound benefit on your website, but what are some of the numbers behind it?

  • Companies that blog enjoy up to 97% more inbound traffic than their blog-less competitors
  • 61% of consumers in the US have made a purchase after reading a blog
  • Over a third of marketers believe blogs are the most important form of content marketing

Building an online brand

Us intellectual beings that like to stay up to date with the news often return to the same news provider or website to find out whats going on in the world. This is because news pages and blogs become our trusted source of information.

This also applies to blogs and news feeds on business websites.

No matter if your website is only just starting out, or your website is already well established, adding content like this can establish your business as an industry leader in your given field.

This is done by building trust with your readers by providing valuable content to them, and over time your website becomes a go-to for your readers. This is especially important for websites competing against much larger firms, as it helps build credibility.

Boost SEO rankings

Raise your hand if you want better SEO rankings. Us too. *raises both hands*

Google, Bing, whatever search engine you use, they all love one thing: fresh and relevant content for their users. By providing this, your business will rank higher in search engines, resulting in higher traffic and more views. Consistent blogging feeds this stream of fresh content.

It also creates separate pages on your website, meaning more indexes by search engines. This means far more opportunities to get found online than a no-blog-business-website.

Incorporating keywords into blogs is another smart way to attract more views on your website. Each keyword presents a new opportunity to connect with your audience, and in turn builds up your reputation online.

This creates organic traffic to your site, as the new visitors are stumbling upon your business due to the content you are creating.

Social media

Hold off on the selfies for a moment – we mean interlinking your social media pages into your blog. A blog actually becomes one of your social media pages. When a blog page is posted, this content can then be published on your socials.

This helps promote your business to a new audience that may not know you yet. It keeps your social media presence up-to-date and ticking over.

What should I blog about?

Short answer: anything you deem appropriate which is related to your business, or will provide value to your customers. What has your business been up to recently? What are your customers interested in?

Check out The National Waterproofing Group for inspiration as to how to incorporate a blog into a professional website.

Blogging is just one of the many things we do here at Sleeky. We can do it for you too, that’s just the way we roll.

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