What Colour Is Right For Your Business?

Did you know that colour plays a massive, powerful part of our lives? In fact, colours can even trigger deep seated childhood memories!

You may have consciously thought about your colours and branding, or you may have done it without realising! It may sound a little far fetched, but believe it or not colours automatically come with different emotions and feelings attached.

Don’t believe me? Let’s have a look at a couple of different websites; St Mary’s Inn and Bryony Consulting.

St Mary’s Inn uses red and a dark grey. Let’s delve deeper into the psychology behind these two colours.


The colour red has more emotional associations than any other colour. It can be linked to passion, anger, desire. It automatically brings excitement and draws attention to itself because of its bold nature.

Not only that, but red is the colour of strength, power and heightened emotion. It’s motivating, it’s confident, it’s luxury. It stimulates our senses of smell and taste. It seems to be the perfect colour for a pub, restaurant and bed and breakfast, right?


Grey on the other hand is a little more subdued than red. Not only is it calming, but it’s the perfect neutral to pull other, brighter colours (in this case red) together.

It’s diplomatic, it’s refined and it’s conservative. Typically, we think of the colour grey as something of a middle ground. It’s respectable and reasonable whilst still keeping cool.
By using these two colours together, you can see how St Mary’s Inn radiates the aura of a strong and trustworthy business whilst still keeping the excitement and the atmosphere alive.
Now let’s delve into Bryony Gibson Consulting. This website has also opted for the use of grey. For a public practice recruitment specialist, this comes as no surprise. The calming, confident, professional nature of the colour is perfect for the business.


Green is an interesting colour. It surrounds us in day to day life, with it being the most common colour in the natural world.

This makes for a colour that is natural stress relieving a colour. Again, helpful for a public practice recruitment company, right?

The symbol of prosperity and growth, you really couldn’t choose a more perfect colour.
Interesting in finding out more about what colours would suit your brand? Get in touch to see how our inhouse designers can help you and your business!

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