Why are case studies important for your website?

Case studies allow businesses to explain how their solutions help other businesses and thus attract customers with similar pain points. Product/services/solutions pages do answer the most important questions about a company’s offering, however, case studies contain an important element that usually can not be found on other pages – they use a narrative and describe the way a solution is implemented, describing customer’s background, industry and most importantly, case studies specify the name of a business your services have previously helped.

A story of success

A case study is a story of your client’s success depicting your own success too. It shows the challenges your clients were facing before implementing your solution as well as the results. This is how it demonstrates your mutual success – yours, as a solution provider and your client’s, as the business whose challenges you have helped solve.

Description of your approach

An important element of case studies is the description of your processes and approach. It is important to show your potential clients that you are able to tailor your approach so that it suits their needs specifically. And how can this be done? Well, it can be easily done by using case studies related to a number of clients coming from similar industries that were facing slightly different challenges which your solution was able to solve.

Social proof

According to Neil Patel, social proof is a marketing tactic used for easing the minds of worried customers. It is completely natural for the visitors who land on your website for the first time not to trust you immediately. Showing that your services have helped a number of businesses, will help you gain your visitor’s trust and turn them into your customers.

Final Thoughts

Not only do case studies help your website, they help your business too. When ACS Installations, the leading specialists in air conditioning installations repairs and maintenance added a case studies page to their website, their sales increased by 20% in 6 months, which is a great proof of how effective this page might be.

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