Online Review, Yay or Nay?

Everyone knows (or definitely should do) the benefits of showing off your online portfolio. It’s a great way of building trust and rapport, and actually, it can be make or break for a business.

For a lot of businesses, it can be done in the form of a portfolio, like Victoria Lilly Wedding Photography. With a beautiful dedicated gallery page, it’s easy to get a feel for the type of photographer she is.

But what if your business doesn’t necessarily lend itself to a portfolio? How do you build up your trust with a customer? Believe it or not, there are other ways that are just as effective as having a portfolio.


About the customer review.


Did you know that customer reviews are trusted as much as personal recommendations by 72% of users? And did you know that around 90% of shoppers read at least one review before deciding to visit a business?

Whether you like it or not, reviews are a big part of your business. Which means that they need to be treated as such.

Go Store make sure their reviews are always in a very prominent place. Not only are they on their home page, but they’re also on their landing pages. This ensures that other potential customers can easily find the reviews.

Obviously, for a company it is a bonus if you’re getting all 5 star reviews, but it’s important to keep it honest. Not redacting any reviews really can make a company seem trustworthy. After all, you can’t please everyone right?


The benefits of a review.


There are many benefits of letting customers review your products and services, some of which I’ll list below.


Social proof drives purchases.

When was the last time you made a purchase from an unknown company without doing a bit of research on them first? I can’t remember either.

It’s obvious that we’re more likely to think that purchasing from a company is a good idea if there is proof that it is. And what’s the best source of proof? Reviews from previous customers.


They make you look trustworthy.

There really is no better way to seem trustworthy than actually being trustworthy, is there? The credibility you can gain from positive reviews is something that is extremely important.

Trust and credibility can put you ahead of your competition, making you the first choice in someones mind. Is that something you can put a price on? I don’t think so.


They create conversation.

As people always say, all publicity is good publicity. Now, I imagine you would want any publicity about your business to be absolutely positive, but that’s not really the point here.

Customer reviews get people talking.

If a happy customers gives you a 5 star review on TripAdvisor, it’s free advertising. Potential customers will be talking about your brand, what more could you really ask for?


The are ESSENTIAL to decision making.

Imagine this: you’re looking at two products that are exactly the same. The only difference is they’re sold by two different, but both relatively unknown companies. You have a look through each of their websites. One business includes customer reviews. Another doesn’t. Who do you buy from?

Reviews really are a vital part of decision making for a lot of online shoppers. In fact, almost two thirds of shoppers agree.

If this isn’t enough to make you rethink your decision about not having reviews, we don’t know what is.


With all of this said, we believe it’s easy to see what a difference a customer review can make. For something that is essentially free advertising, we think you’d be mad to miss out.

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