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These Easily Avoidable SEO Mistakes Could be the Difference Between Page 1 and Page 21

It’s 2022, SEO is practically vital to the success of your website, you might imagine most people have caught on and become somewhat of a whizz in the area? Nope, you’d be wrong! 90.63% of web pages get zero organic search traffic due to poor SEO strategy, let’s not have your site suffer with the rest. Here are a few, fairly easily avoidable mistakes that could be the reason you aren’t ranking higher in your searches:

Insufficient Keyword Research

Those aware of the fundamentals of SEO will understand that every website will have a collection of relative keywords that will pop up in a search query. Ignoring this keyword research process will leave you with no grounds for Google to rank you, and little to no search traffic. Using long, complex words that are unlikely to be searched will also leave you in a similar position, your best bet is to keep your keywords short, popular and relative to your site.

There is an abundance of Keyword Explorer tools online, but if you find yourself struggling you can contact us for help!

Not Matching Search Intent

Search intent relates to the query a user enters into their search bar, obviously, only the most relevant results will be displayed on the first page or so. In order to truly rank in the top percentile for your subject area, you need to understand what your target market generally searches for, what questions need answers, etc.

Post content that; fits with trends, is relevant to your brand and includes a variety of both topics and formats (videos, how-to guides) and ensure to keep an eye on what’s already ranking highly on Google for tips!

Lack of Internal Links

Missing out on opportunities to include links in your website copy can hinder you more than you might think. Providing that the used links are relevant, deemed trustworthy and have some variation throughout your text, they can really boost your credibility and status with Google. Search Engines love to scan through internal links and look through the full depth of your site before determining your ranking, so make it easy for them!

Obviously, your Menu/Navigation and Footer should all have internal links anyway, but using CTAs in your text and feature links can really reduce your bounce rate and establish domain authority, which is all the benefit to your SEO rankings!

Poorly Optimised Site

Poor site performance will get you in the bad books with Google. Slow loading times, dead links and lack of updates and maintenance are all factors that can hinder your rankings. Here are a few causes of poor site performance:

  • Images that aren’t resized and optimised
  • Too much functionality
  • Not mobile-friendly (Responsive design is key)

Site performance checkers can be the key to optimising sections on your site that may go untouched, that will actually make a world of difference to performance!

No SEO Upkeep

SEO is not a one-and-done process, following the initial keyword integration and site check-ups it’s important to keep an eye on how you’re performing. The internet changes all the time, some plugins may update, your customers’ needs might change, so upkeeping your SEO and consistently changing your website is crucial to success.

Hopefully, a few of these pointers can help you get your SEO up to scratch! If you still need further help please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we love getting involved in your projects!

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