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To Blog or Not To Blog

As a web company, we have heard many, many different reactions when someone says the word ‘blog’. In most cases, the reaction is pretty similar. An outward sigh along with a ‘yes, I know it would be a good thing, but it’s just time’. And we couldn’t agree more.

There are multiple reasons for why you should blog, but it is time consuming and quite frankly if your heart’s not in it, boring.

If you feel a similar way, we’re here to help out!

Whether you feel a sense of dread and frustration when you think about blogging or it brings you excitement of all of the possibilities and potential out there, we want to go through not only the benefits, but how to make it.. shall we say less taxing?

Do I really have to blog?

Did you know that each month, approximately 409 million people view more than 20 billion pages?

As with everything else in the world of websites and digital marketing, you definitely don’t have to blog. But with as many advantages as they are, it’s very much worth thinking about.

Not only is it potentially one of the most helpful parts of your website, it could also be the key to getting your creative juices flowing! Don’t think of it as a task that you’re forcing yourself to do, not only will you procrastinate, but no one will want to read it. Trust us. Believe it or not, there is scope to get creative with this! It can absolutely be tailored to suit your purposes.

For example, if you sell cooking ingredients such as curry paste, you could upload a recipe in the form of a blog post every week. Doing this not only keeps your website fresh and updated, but it also gives people more of a reason to buy your products!

The Benefits of Blogging

As we briefly mentioned earlier, there are multiple reasons to blog, which means there are multiple benefits of blogging! Below we’ve covered the top 3 reasons:

It helps with SEO

Yes, we know. You’ve heard it all before. But we promise, blogging really does help with your SEO.

By creating fresh, new content on a regular basis, you are consistently showing Google that you’re here, you’re relevant and that you’re here to stay. New content and pages also means that search engines have more pages to index, meaning more chances to appear in the searches. Not only that, but by targeting different long tailed key words in your blogs, you can even increase your chances of being found for a bigger variety or search terms. It’s a win win!

You’re seen as a leader and an expert

The way a consumer sees this, if you are able to talk about your topic, you must know what you’re talking about.

Why not give people a reason to come back to your website again and again? By updating your blogs and giving the people new content to consume, you are further strengthening your trust and rapport with customers.

You give people a positive experience

It’s annoying when you can’t find what you want on a website right? The lack of information can cause some people to leave the website in frustration, which of course, means less sales, conversions or any other goal of your website!

Adding a blog keeps consumers on your website for longer, and gives you a clever way of connecting with them on a more approachable level.

Why not also add a comment section? You may learn things about your consumer base that you couldn’t possibly find out, without down right asking them yourselves. Their opinion matters, and they like to know that.

The Takeaway

So there you have it. With blogging, there is literally a world of endless opportunity. Not only for your SEO and search engine rankings, but also on your social shareability and rapport with your demographic.

Now, who’s ready to set up their own blog?!

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