How to Keep Your Website Visitors Interested

When designing a website, it’s vital to consider how it will keep your audience engaged so they won’t get bored easily and leave after only a short time browsing.

It’s great having fantastic social media skills but if visitors find your site through socials and it’s totally different to what they expected, this could lead to confusion, disappointment and they could end up going elsewhere. This means that you might be losing out on clients without even realising it. Disaster!

If your website relies on organic traffic (those who discover your site through search engines) more than socials, it’s even more important to make that great first impression as you won’t have your Instagram to fall back on. This means it’s crucial that your site captivates its visitors, with compelling colours, text and visuals, without overdoing it.

Here’s how you can keep your site visitors interested:

Ensure it’s Easy to Navigate

Overcomplicating your site with pages could make visitors frustrated and confused, jeopardising that vital first impression. To avoid this, make sure all your websites sections are clearly worded and presented in the menu. For instance, Safe Liquid Transfer, a product that makes the transfer of hazardous substances safer, includes “Operation, Performance, Specification,” in their menu, which outline how it works, its features and its models.

Its website is also formatted so that, as visitors scroll down, they’ll be met with what they are about, the benefits of this protective equipment, its advantages and a contact form.

Keep to Your Theme

Keep to a set theme across your website and socials; if you use calming, neutral colours for your Instagram page, but the complete opposite for your site, visitors will raise an eyebrow. It’s also crucial to stick to a theme across your website’s pages, too, ensuring consistency.

It might be handy to look at our blog post on colour schemes and why they matter, too.

The colours you use should always match what your company is about; if you’re in the yoga business, centred around calmness and tranquillity, then opt for colours that will reflect this.

Use Short & Conversational Text

Don’t forget that your audience should feel valued, like a close friend would. This means that, unless you’re in the business where you’re required to use a formal tone, like Law, then we would otherwise advise keeping your copy completely casual and conversational.

Your audience doesn’t want to see loads of text crammed in, either, as their attention will fade quickly. That’s why it’s important to keep it short and sweet. Each page should include short, relevant sentences, which should be separated into short paragraphs and sections.

Catch on to Trends

This section is most relevant if your website includes a blog, where you should cater your posts to trending topics, which will also tie in with SEO. You can use Google Keyword Planner to see what people are currently searching for. It’s also advisable to use awareness days on social media to help decide your blog topics and promote your posts, or if you’ve recently noticed a social media craze, then it’s important to join in on the conversation.

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