The Importance of High-Quality Images on your Website

When it comes to designing a website, it’s vital to select high-quality and meaningful images that you know will have a lasting impression on your clients and leave them wanting more.

Whether you wish to take your brand photos or hire a photographer to do it for you, keep in mind that images should convey a positive message to your customers that will make them want to come back. In fact, a recent study found that visuals perform over four times better than content that’s solely text based, illustrating how crucial images can be to businesses.

Here’s why high-quality images are important to your site:

Good quality images make your website interesting

There’s no point having a website if there’s no images to show what your products are about. These will also help to provide separation between the text and headlines (particularly if there’s a lot of text!) and will therefore be much more likely to keep your audience hooked. Hence, they will be inclined to spend longer on your site, which will be improved even more with high quality images that may also decrease your bounce rate.

TEC Bike Parts have a large main image that fits perfectly with their brand’s theme. They have also been thinking outside the box by overlaying text on their photos and using these for their menu options. Their website is mainly image dominated which means customers know what their products look like and what to expect. Perfect!

They will help to tell the story of your brand

Every brand has a story, so don’t be afraid to tell yours. You might already have an about page, which is excellent, but clear images help to additionally illustrate what your brand is about. Photography comes with lots of creative freedom, too, as you can showcase anything such as pictures of your products, your home studio or even yourself if you’re feeling brave!

Nowadays, small businesses often take behind-the-scenes photos and videos. This helps their customers to catch a glimpse of how their products are made and also puts a face to the brand. It therefore allows clients to get to know them better, and in-turn, trust them more. If you want to include videos, take a look at our tips for using video on your website.

They will help with SEO

Believe it or not, good quality images that are optimized well will help your site to load quicker and can therefore result in a higher search engine ranking that will make it more visible to internet users. However, you should include image titles and captions for it to work. If you’re looking to further improve SEO on your site, then check out this handy guide.

They will create a great impression

Good quality images can help to significantly increase your credibility. Just think about it from a client’s perspective. If you came across a website with low quality images, the chances are that you probably wouldn’t stay for long. After all, it could give the impression that the owners haven’t taken enough pride in their site, having simply thrown it all together.

Your main aim is to showcase your best products well and tell customers why they should buy from you. Of course, this will be helped by the images that you post, which will contribute to your overall reputation as a brand.

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