Video Marketing: 5 Key Tips

The rise of video marketing is becoming increasingly apparent in digitised spaces. From Youtube to TikTok and everything in between, the power of connecting with an audience using this advertising method can not be denied. 

With the way video formatting increases overall accessibility and provides ample opportunity for endless creativity, it’s not hard to understand why audiences are drawn to this form of content creation. It can truly help brands exemplify what their core aims and values are as a team, while connecting with potential clientele in an authentic and personable way. In this article, we’ll break down five key tips to mastering the art of video marketing. Read on to ensure that your company is staying ahead of the curve in this regard! 

Build a Narrative 

Even before the culmination of the digital age, effective advertising always prioritised telling a story that would resonate with the onlooker and make an impression on their mind’s, and their hearts. With the rise of social media enabling brand’s to develop a much more direct relationship with their audience, it’s important to keep this golden rule in mind when marketing digitally. Build a narrative that reels the viewer in, rather than focusing on logistics and pushing your brand’s name for optimal results. 

Post Regularly  

Understanding which posts make waves and which posts don’t is a learning process for most brands. The unfortunate reality of social media and video marketing is that not everything your team publishes is going to perform well. This is why it’s super important to make the effort to post video-form content on a consistent schedule, so that you can review what is working and what isn’t – which is a great way to steadily improve the quality of your company’s video advertising and maximise business engagement. 

Engage With Your Audience 

On a related note, knowing which topics to confront via video marketing comes from knowing what your audience is asking for on a regular basis. Analysing all of the questions and comments they may have for your team is always good practice, as it will help your brand understand the best way to produce these videos with a chance at virality.

Get To The Point

With the continued rise of society’s ever-shortening attention spans, it’s not hard to see why getting to the point is extremely important when it comes to digital marketing. Cutting to the chase by centering the video around the query your audience is searching for (in a fun and authentic manner, of course!) is great for fulfilling customer satisfaction, which in turn optimises engagement levels exponentially. 

Highlight CTA’s

A CTA – or a Call To Action – doesn’t just refer to encouraging customers to get in touch with your brand. When navigating the world of video marketing, it can also mean inspiring viewers to subscribe to your company’s social media page, or to like the post in question if they found it helpful. Putting emphasis on these small calls to action can increase the rate at which your patrons interact with your brand’s content, which is always the ultimate goal when producing such posts.

In Conclusion 

With video marketing continuing to grow in popularity with businesses and audiences alike, making the effort to learn how to execute it well is essential to gaining digital relevance in 2022. As exemplified above, there are a whole host of ways to go about achieving that goal, especially when working cohesively with your team.

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