Why CTA Buttons Are Some of the Most Important Elements On Your Website

When you think about the times you have signed up, downloaded or purchased, they are usually a result of an effective call-to-action button (CTA). Whilst many elements will go into creating a perfect website, a strong CTA is one of the few elements (amongst several) which is important in generating more conversions.

What is a Call-to-Action (CTA) button

An effective CTA button can be a line or text that encourages your audience to take some sort of specified action depending on the content’s goal, thereby converting your visitors to leads. These buttons are usually written as a command or phrase, such as “Click Here”, “Sign Up” or something else entirely. Whatever the action, CTA’s (when used correctly) are an important element in letting your user know the next steps into purchasing a product and taking them down the sales funnel. Read on to discover examples, as well as what you should consider when creating effective CTAs.

Examples of CTAs To Use On Your Website

The CTA examples we have below all serve a different purpose, and it’s important to note that you can take your own individual and unique spin on the buttons. For instance, Norvic, UK’s leading aircraft engine overhaul company, has multiple CTAs which benefit the customer. So, for those making an inquiry about Lycoming engine exchange or even continental motors, a simple ‘Get a Quote’ button will do the trick.

  • Form Submission- Your visitor will need to accomplish two things before becoming known as a lead – fill out a form and submit contact details. When a visitor is that close to becoming a potential customer, you want to make sure the ‘Submit’ button is engaging, valuable and tailored to the audience.
  • Subscribe- CTA’s are not always related to purchasing a product. If you have company blogs on your website, why not encourage readership through your immersive copy and text.
  • Try for free- Everyone loves a free offer, and allowing people to try a demo or receive a free product, is a great way of enticing a visitor before they have decided to commit. So why not promote and showcase the “Try For Free” CTA button.
  • Read More- This could also be known as the ‘Learn More’ button, as sometimes your customers really do just want to…learn more. This is also another good way of enticing your viewers into finding out more about your business.
  • Join Us- If you are looking to build a community through articles, newsletters, or social media, a “join us” button is a great addition to placing on your website.

What To Consider When Creating A Compelling CTA

With CTAs being so crucial with impacting your sales, close attention has to be paid with these following points:

  • High Visibility and Clear- Font size should be large, noticeable yet easy on the eyes, stating a clear benefit for the visitor. In other words it needs to answer the question, “Why should I click on this?”.
  • Good Design- You will need to be able to grab the visitors attention. However, to catch the audiences’ eye with a CTA will all depend on the aesthetic of your website. If you would like to test out the CTA visitor attention, why not run an A/B test.
  • Actionable Text with a Sense of Urgency- Did you know that 70% of small businesses lack a CTA on their homepage, yet offering a sense of urgency such as “Limited Time” offers will compel the user to act immediately.
  • Short and Snappy- CTA’s should not be a sentence. It should be short, simple and not leave your visitors confused with their decision-making process.
  • Placement – Of course, you would like your CTA buttons to be visible and noticeable, so a good way of achieving this is by placing the button on whitespace. Also, make sure that they are not too far from the main text, as it will look disconnected and out of place.

We hope you have discovered some important information about how important CTAs can be for your website. Make sure to entice your audience and get them to click!

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