Why Testimonials Are Important For Your Website

A good website is one which provides all the information a prospective customer might need, whilst leaving a good impression at the same time.

It’s essential that your website reflects your business and services positively, which is why featuring customer testimonials is such a great idea.

So, what’s the lowdown on why you ought to include them? Here, we’ll be breaking it down into five simple reasons:

1. They earn trust

Before anything else, they function as proof that you have customers and are a legitimate business. Over and above that alone, they function as positive reviews. So, the more testimonials you include, the greater the level of trust you are likely to build with your audience.

This is why, according to one study, the use of customer testimonials can help you generate roughly sixty-two percent more revenue not only from every customer but from every time they visit your brand. This is because can add more weight to whatever decision a visitor is trying to make.

2. They act as referrals

Because people usually trust consumers over businesses, testimonials will function as referrals which convince visitors that they can rely on your business to deliver a good service.

For instance, if somebody is searching the web for a business delivering north east joinery services, the inclusion on a companies website of a testimonial from a customer who attests to the “polite, friendly, prompt and reliable” bespoke joinery services on offer, will function as a positive and informative referral.

3. They can be informative

Another great reason to opt for their inclusion is that they can be informative and help to explain how products or services work. This is especially useful if those products or services aren’t necessarily self explanatory or can be used in multiple ways.

For example, if your business offers double glazing services in the north east, a variety of testimonials can make reference to not only windows, but also doors and conservatories for instance, too. This will better demonstrate the breadth of your services from a customer perspective.

4. They help to create emotional connections

If visitors can relate to the customers whose testimonials you feature, it will therefore be easier for them to relate to your brand.

This can be an immensely powerful tool, especially if you use pictures and names of customers in connection to each one, making the experience for the visitor more human.

5. They can explain the benefits of choosing your business

They can be useful for helping a visitor to build a better idea of the benefits of using your products or services.

For example, if you run a garden centre, a customer can testify to the fact that you helped them to solve X problem by listening carefully to their needs and offering X service, which functioned as a perfect solution.

Wrapping it up:

So, all in all the case for including them in your website is pretty strong. You can be certain that, if nothing else, they won’t go unnoticed, with an average of ninety two percent of people confirming that they always read them when considering a purchase.

Furthermore, when used in combination with other effective marketing tactics – like a heavy reliance on bold, eye-catching design techniques which will help them stand out – they will put you in a great position to be able to really amplify the message of your business as successfully as possible.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to make space for testimonials on your website.

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